Changing an Account Picture

When you log on to Windows, the Welcome screen appears, displaying a list of user accounts with a picture next to each one. When you complete the logon process, the picture associated with your account appears at the top of the Start menu along with your user name . This identifies you as the current user of the computer. You can change the picture to suit your own personality. Changing your account picture is not available for computers on a domain network.

Change an Account Picture


Click the Start button, and then click Control Panel.


Double-click the User Accounts icon in Classic view.


Click the user's account name.


Click Change The Picture or click Change My Picture.


Click the picture you want.


Click Change Picture, or click Browse For More Pictures and double-click the picture you want.


Click the Close button.



See Also

See chapter 8," Working with Pictures " on page 199 for information on creating, scanning, and using pictures.

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