RSS and Blogging

RSS also has a special relationship with Web logsblogs, that is. Blogs are those online journals that have become very popular recently, and usually include commentary on just about anything.

Most blogging sites now automatically convert blog entries into RSS items. That means you don't have to go to a blog's site to check for new entriesyou can have those new entries sent directly to your RSS reader.

To learn more about creating blogs and converting them into RSS feeds, see Chapter 5, "Blogging with RSS."

How do you subscribe to a blog as an RSS feed? As at most blog sites, you'll find a link or a button connected to the blog's RSS feed. For example, the "Subscribe to this blog's feed" link on the left links to the blog's automatically created RSS feed (Figure 1.5). You use the URL pointed to by that link to subscribe to the feed in your RSS reader.

Figure 1.5. A blog site at provides a link to the blog's RSS feed.

Blogging and RSS are a natural combination: If the blog author adds entries to his blog from time to time, why wouldn't he convert those entries into RSS feed items? That way, the blog entries can come to you. What could be more convenient?

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