Using the Scripts Palette

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The Scripts palette is the main tool for creating, editing, and playing scripts. Like all the other palettes, it can be accessed through the menu bar.


Recording a Script

Creating a script that can be played back is very similar to recording a television program. Painter provides you with VCR-like controls for recording and playing back scripts. You can begin recording a script at any stage in the creation of your document.



If you want your script to play back in a separate window, you must create a new document right after you start recording. If you don't create a new document, the script will only play in a document that is already open .




It's a good idea to give your script a descriptive name so you'll be able to recall what it does.

Playing a Script

Playing a script after you have created it is simply a matter of selecting the desired script and clicking on the Play button. Painter comes with a variety of pre-recorded scripts you can watch. Scripts are great educational tools because you can actually see what brushes were used in the creation of the document as the script plays. They can also be used to automatically create parts of your image.




Watch the Property bar and the Brush Selection bar while a script is playing to see what brushes were used in the creation of the artwork.


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