Every book is a collaboration by literally dozens of people. The following is a list that acknowledges in an all-too-inadequate way the contributions of many people without whom this book would not be what it is now. First, our special thanks to series editor, Eben Hewitt, technical reviewers Asa Dotzler, Eric Hamiter, Els van Bloois, and Matthew Whitworth, and Ben Goodger for providing the Foreword to the book as well as a number of helpful review comments.

Thanks go out to all of the members of the Mozilla Foundation staff as well as the staff. They are a dedicated group of individuals deeply committed to the project and to preserving choice on the Internet. We would also like to acknowledge anyone who has ever checked in code to Firefox, Thunderbird, and Mozilla, anyone who has taken the time and effort to file a bug in Bugzilla, and anyone who has taken the time and effort to chase down a regression window. We would like to tip our hats to all of our open source contributors and extension and theme developers. Your contributions are essential to keeping Firefox and Thunderbird at the top of their game.

We would be remiss if we did not acknowledge all of the people who keep our Mozilla Foundation infrastructure up and runningour hats off to the sysadmins, including the folks over at OSL who have been helping us out with hosting. Without their efforts, end users would not have easy download access to all of the Mozilla products as well as extensions and themes.

Finally, where would our products be without documentation? Special thanks to David Tenser for all his work on Firefox and Thunderbird help documentation.

Additional thanks to MozillaZine, for providing web forums and the Knowledge Base so that all users of Firefox and Thunderd have a place to go when they need help.

The staff at Prentice Hall:

  • Karen Gettman, editor-in-chief

  • Jill Harry, acquisitions editor

  • Jennifer Blackwell, development editor

  • Marty Rabinowitz, director of operations

  • Robin O'Brien, marketing manager

  • Gina Kanouse, managing editor

  • Michael Thurston, project editor

  • Elise Walter, copy editor

  • Cheryl Lenser, senior indexer

  • Jake McFarland, compositor

  • Gayle Johnson, proofreader

In addition, we want to make the following personal acknowledgements:

Chris: To John and Marcia, whose dedication and perspiration were the keys to making this book happen.

Marcia: Mitchell Baker, Chris Beard, Asa Dotzler, Ben Goodger, Chris Hofmann, Elaine King, Sarah Liberman, Scott MacGregor, Myk Melez, Tracy Walker, and Cathleen Wang.

John: First and most importantly, I want to acknowledge my beloved wife, Marilyn, for being herself: Thank you, sweetheart; life wouldn't be half as fun without you in it. Kudos to Laura Lewin, dazzling agent, and the rest of the wonderful folks at Studio B, for great work. Thanks to Eric Smith and Nick Chase, for providing me with email accounts to test Mozilla Thunderbird with. I also want to acknowledge the gracious contributions of Kathi Graue, Elisabeth Knottingham, Daniel Lemin, Art Menius, B. Townes, Mason Williams, and Kelly Wright, for permission to include some of the websites featured in this book. And last but not least, a special thanks to Yvonne Stam for her "timely" contribution to the list of websites.

    Firefox and Thunderbird Garage (Garage Series)
    Firefox and Thunderbird Garage
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