DataTableMapping marshal by reference

DataTableMapping marshal by reference

System.Data.Common ( sealed class

This class represents a mapping between a table name in the data source ( SourceTable ) and the table name in the System.Data.DataSet ( DataSetTable ). The data source table name is case-sensitive, while the System.Data.DataSet table name isn't. A third property, DataColumnMappingCollection , contains all field-name mappings for the table. Column and table name mappings aren't required (by default, ADO.NET simply uses the data source names ), but they do add that an extra layer of indirection.

Table mappings are applied to the DataAdapter . Table mappings work in both directions: when filling a table and when updating it. You add a table mapping to a DataAdapter by inserting the appropriate DataTableMapping into the DataAdapter.TableMappings collection.

 public sealed class  DataTableMapping  : MarshalByRefObject , System.Data.ITableMapping, ICloneable {  // Public Constructors  public  DataTableMapping  (  );      public  DataTableMapping  (string   sourceTable   , string   dataSetTable   );    public  DataTableMapping  (string   sourceTable   , string   dataSetTable   , DataColumnMapping[  ]   columnMappings   );  // Public Instance Properties  public DataColumnMappingCollection  ColumnMappings  {get; }     public string  DataSetTable  {set; get; }  // implements System.Data.ITableMapping  public string  SourceTable  {set; get; }  // implements System.Data.ITableMapping   // Public Instance Methods  public DataColumnMapping  GetColumnMappingBySchemaAction  (string   sourceColumn   ,         System.Data.MissingMappingAction   mappingAction   );    public DataTable  GetDataTableBySchemaAction  (System.Data.DataSet   dataSet   ,           System.Data.MissingSchemaAction   schemaAction   );    public override string  ToString  (  );  // overrides object  } 


System.Object figs/u2192.gif System.MarshalByRefObject figs/u2192.gif DataTableMapping(System.Data.ITableMapping, System.ICloneable)

Returned By

DataTableMappingCollection.{GetByDataSetTable( ) , GetTableMappingBySchemaAction( ) , this} , RowUpdatedEventArgs.TableMapping , RowUpdatingEventArgs.TableMapping

Passed To

Multiple types

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