Commonly Overlooked Performance and Environmental Requirements

Software Architecture Activites

Traits of Successful Developers

Current and Projected ERP MArket Growth

Initiative Value Rating

Dedication Value Rating

Flexibility Value Rating

Respect Value Rating

Sample Personnel Assignments

long- term Option Example

Sample WCPA Implementation Schedule

Interactive Development Environments

GUI Development Libraries

Database Tools

Testing Tools

Web Authoring Tools

Recommended Developer Desktop Configuration

SPEC SFS97 Results for Sun Enterprise 6002

Spec SFS97 Server Configuration and Availability

Server Tuning Parameters

Network Subsystem

Disk Subsystem

SPECint_rate95 Benchmark Summary

SPECint_rate95 Subsets Results

E6000 TPC-C Benchmark Summary

SpecWeb96 Summary

Response Time

Network Subsystem

OS Tuning Parameters

Thread Creation Times, Solaris 2.6, 200 MHz Ultra 1

Support Resposibilities

Special Request Times

Software Development. Building Reliable Systems
Software Development: Building Reliable Systems
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