The Ten Commandments of Successful Software Development

Waterfall Development Model

Spiral Development Model

H/W, OS, and User Processes

Three-Tier Software Architecture

Multi-Tier Software Architecture

Spacial Data Record Query

Adoption of Web Technologies

How Not To Define Software Quality

Sample Organization Chart

Small Corporate Software Development Department

Medium Corporate Software Development Department

Large Corporate Software Development Department

The CoRAD Approach

Sample Internet Firewall and DMZ Network

Java Code Execution in the Java Virtual Machine

Trends In Hardware Costs versus Labor Costs

UltraSPARC CPU Roadmap

Host Attached Storage

Centralized Storage

Network Attached Storage

SMP Design

MMP Architecture

Sample High Availability Architecture

Postix Two-Level Threads Model

Proxy Web Server Architecture

Web Form to Database via CGI

Example EJB Architecture

IIOP Enables Multi-Language Application Support

Software Development. Building Reliable Systems
Software Development: Building Reliable Systems
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