Chapter 1. IP Routing Principles


This chapter covers the following topics, which you need to understand to pass the CCNP/CCDP/CCIP BSCI exam:

  • Understanding routing protocol fundamentals

  • Types of routing protocols

  • The routing table

  • Routing versus switching

The topics in this chapter are the basis of the BSCI course that feeds the BSCI exam. It is therefore the first chapter of the book, as all remaining chapters build from the subjects discussed here.

This chapter describes the different types of routing protocols for IP, explains how to read the routing table and keep it current, and compares the routing and switching functions.

The concepts of routing with IP and the mechanics of the routing process are dealt with generically in this chapter as a foundation for the subsequent chapters, which deal with the individual routing protocols.

The topics presented here will directly reflect questions on the BSCI exam. If you do not understand the contents of this chapter, it will be impossible for you to pass the exam. The subsequent chapters assume the comprehension of the subjects covered in this chapter.

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