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the mathml handbook
The MathML Handbook
by Pavi Sandhu  ISBN:1584502495
Charles River Media © 2003 (518 pages)

This guide provides an overview of MathML and its practical applications, explains basic concepts such as XML syntax, presentation markup, content markup and combined markup, and discusses the use of other server side applications.

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Table of Contents
The MathML Handbook
Part I - MathML Concepts
Chapter 1- Introduction to MathML
Chapter 2- XML Primer
Chapter 3- Fundamentals of MathML
Chapter 4- Presentation Markup
Chapter 5- Content Markup
Chapter 6- Combining Presentation and Content Markup
Part II - Working with MathML
Chapter 7- Displaying MathML in Web Browsers
Chapter 8- Applying Styles and Transformations
Chapter 9- Authoring and Editing MathML
Chapter 10- Converting between TeX and MathML
Chapter 11- Using MathML for Computations
Chapter 12- Creating Dynamic Math Web Pages
Part III - Reference
Chapter 13- Presentation Elements
Chapter 14- Content Elements
Chapter 15- MathML Characters
Appendix A- About the CD-ROM
Appendix B- MathML Resources
List of Figures
List of Tables
List of Examples
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A powerful XML-based markup language for publishing mathematics on the Web, MathML makes it possible to develop Web-based applications for displaying, searching, indexing, archiving, and evaluating mathematical content.

The MathML Handbook is the definitive resource for this exciting new Web technology. The book begins with an overview of MathML and its practical applications. It then moves on to a clear exposition of the basic concepts of MathML, including XML syntax, presentation markup, content markup, and combined markup. Additional chapters deal with advanced topics such as using CSS and XSLT style sheets to control the display of MathML, tools for converting TeX equations to MathML, and using JavaScript with MathML to create dynamic math web sites featuring interactive equations. The book will be useful to anyone interested in working with mathematics on the Web, such as scientists, engineers, Web developers, publishers, teachers and students.


  • Provides a detailed tutorial introduction to MathML, with many examples to illustrate the syntax.
  • Reviews the commercial and free software available for working with MathML, including browsers, plug-ins, equation editors, and mathematical software
  • Explains how to convert TeX documents to XHTML+MathML
  • Illustrates the use of CSS and XSLT to render MathML for display
  • Includes examples and templates for creating dynamic web sites with interactive mathematical content

About the Author

Pavi Sandhu (Champaign, IL) holds a Ph.D. in Physics from Boston University and has over ten years of experience with mathematical typesetting systems such as TeX and Mathematica. He is currently a technical writer and manager at Wolfram Research and has been published widely in technical journals.

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