BlackBerry in a Snap

book cover
BlackBerry in a Snap
By Michael Morrison
Publisher: Sams Publishing
Pub Date: July 01, 2005
ISBN: 0672-32-670-1
Pages: 384

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Wish your BlackBerry 7100 had come with a little more meat in the owner's manual? BlackBerry 7100 In a Snap is your wish come true. This task-oriented guide goes well beyond the BlackBerry 7100 owner's manual and guides you through its devices using practical usage scenarios. Jump in anywhere , and learn how to squeeze every bit of mobile power out of your BlackBerry 7100, one task at a time. You will learn how to:

  • Manage your BlackBerry 7100 from your desktop

  • Take control of e-mail with the built-in Web Client

  • Text message

  • Use your BlackBerry 7100 as the ultimate mobile phone

  • Manage your time with the calendar

  • Organize your to-do list with tasks

You will also learn about advanced features that go beyond simple phone and communicator usage, and you'll be able to reference quick tutorials on a broad array of features and practices with this essential guide from the In a Snap series.

book cover
BlackBerry in a Snap
By Michael  Morrison
Publisher: Sams Publishing
Pub Date: July 01, 2005
ISBN: 0672-32-670-1
Pages: 384

Table of Contents    Index

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      Part  I.   Getting Started with Your BlackBerry 7100
            Chapter 1.   Start Here
        Taking a Look at Mobile Wireless Networks
        The BlackBerry Device Family Past and Present
        Assessing the BlackBerry Platform
        Upgrading Your Device to the Latest BlackBerry OS
            Chapter 2.   Hit the Ground Running with Your BlackBerry
        Section 1.   About the BlackBerry User Interface
        Section 2.   Select a Display Language
        Section 3.   Set the Date and Time
        Section 4.   Make Yourself the Owner
        Section 5.   Lock and Unlock Your Device
        Section 6.   Password-Protect Your Device
        Section 7.   Choose a Theme
            Chapter 3.   Managing Your BlackBerry from a Desktop PC
        Section 8.   Install the BlackBerry Desktop Software
        Section 9.   Connect Your Device to Your PC
        Section 10.   Synchronize PIM Data with Your PC
        Section 11.   Install a New Application to Your Device
        Section 12.   Remove an Application from Your Device
        Section 13.   Back Up Your Device
        Section 14.   Restore Your Device
        Section 15.   Clear Personal Data from Your Device
            Chapter 4.   Fine-tuning Your BlackBerry
        Section 16.   Automatically Turn Your Device On and Off
        Section 17.   Customize the AutoText Feature
        Section 18.   Tweak the Profiles
        Section 19.   Adjust the Screen and Keyboard
        Section 20.   Organize Application Icons
        Section 21.   Change the Wallpaper
        Section 22.   Install a New Theme
      Part  II.   Staying in Touch with Your BlackBerry 7100
            Chapter 5.   Taking Control of Email with the BlackBerry Web Client
        Section 23.   About Email and the BlackBerry Web Client
        Section 24.   Create a BlackBerry Web Client Account
        Section 25.   Configure Web Client Options
        Section 26.   Import Your Address Book
        Section 27.   Compose an Email Message Using the Web Client
        Section 28.   Create an Auto Reply Message
        Section 29.   Change the Sent from Email Address
        Section 30.   Copy Your Email Messages to Another Account
        Section 31.   Add Another Email Account to the Web Client
        Section 32.   Create an Email Filter
            Chapter 6.   Digging Deeper into Email and Text Messages
        Section 33.   About Email and Text Messages
        Section 34.   Compose an Email Message
        Section 35.   View an Email Attachment
        Section 36.   Send a PIN Message
        Section 37.   Send an SMS Message
        Section 38.   Organize Your Messages
        Section 39.   Search Your Messages
        Section 40.   Configure Email Options
        Section 41.   Redirect Messages with the BlackBerry Redirector
            Chapter 7.   Instant Messaging with Your BlackBerry
        Section 42.   About Instant Messages
        Section 43.   Set Up Instant Messaging
        Section 44.   Manage Your IM Contacts
        Section 45.   Carry On an IM Conversation
        Section 46.   About Instant Messaging Services
            Chapter 8.   Browsing the Wireless Web
        Section 47.   About BlackBerry Web Browsing
        Section 48.   Navigate to a Web Page
        Section 49.   Create and Manage Bookmarks
        Section 50.   Install a New Application Over-the-Air
        Section 51.   Download New Wallpaper
        Section 52.   Download New Ring Tones
        Section 53.   Tweak Browser Options
            Chapter 9.   BlackBerry As the Ultimate Mobile Phone
        Section 54.   About the BlackBerry Phone
        Section 55.   Make and Receive Phone Calls
        Section 56.   Make a Conference Call
        Section 57.   Forward Calls
        Section 58.   Manage the Speed Dial List
        Section 59.   Take Advantage of Smart Dialing
        Section 60.   Work with Call Logs
        Section 61.   Tweak Phone Options
        Section 62.   Access a 411 Phone Directory
            Chapter 10.   Using Bluetooth for Short-range Wireless Networking
        Section 63.   About Bluetooth
        Section 64.   Turn Bluetooth On and Off
        Section 65.   Pair Up with a Bluetooth Headset or Car Kit
        Section 66.   Tweak Bluetooth Options
        Section 67.   About Bluetooth Security
      Part  III.   Getting Productive with Your BlackBerry 7100
            Chapter 11.   Using the Address Book to Never Lose a Contact
        Section 68.   Create and Manage Contacts
        Section 69.   Create and Manage Mailing Lists
        Section 70.   Apply Categories to Contacts
        Section 71.   Tweak Address Book Options
        Section 72.   Access the SIM Phone Book
            Chapter 12.   Managing Your Time with the Calendar
        Section 73.   About the Calendar
        Section 74.   Navigate in the Calendar
        Section 75.   Create and Manage Appointments
        Section 76.   Tweak Calendar Options
            Chapter 13.   Organizing Your To-Do List with Tasks
        Section 77.   Create and Manage Tasks
        Section 78.   Apply Categories to Tasks
        Section 79.   Tweak Task Options
            Chapter 14.   Getting the Most Out of Helper Applications
        Section 80.   Stay on Schedule with an Alarm
        Section 81.   Make Notes with the MemoPad
        Section 82.   Crunch Numbers with the Calculator
        Section 83.   Manage Pictures with the Photo Album
        Section 84.   Monitor Traffic and Surveillance Remotely
        Section 85.   Use Your Device As a Flashlight and Mirror
        Section 86.   Use Your Device As a High-tech Golf Scorecard
            Chapter 15.   Securing Your BlackBerry Device
        Section 87.   About BlackBerry Security
        Section 88.   Secure the SIM Card
        Section 89.   Turn On the Firewall
        Section 90.   Protect Your Content
        Section 91.   Safely Store IDs and Passwords on Your Device
        Section 92.   Register Your Device with StuffBak
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