About the Creative Team

About the Creative Team

This book is the sum of its partsthe individual Missing Manuals about iTunes, iMovie and iDVD, iPhoto, and GarageBand. Those books, in turn , were made possible by the talent and cheerful attitudes of the following team:

Copy editors : Nan Barber, Teresa Noelle Roberts

Technical editors : Dennis Cohen, Karl Petersen, Gary Drenan

Production and graphics editor : Lesa Snider

Proofreaders : John Cacciatore, Stephanie English, Danny Marcus, Sada Preisch, Sohaila Abdulali, Kate Chase, Linley Dolby, Dawn Mann

Cover illustration : Rose Cassano

Book design and layout : Phil Simpson

Indexer : David Pogue

Contributors : Joseph Schorr (iPhoto), Tim Franklin (QuickTime Web pages), Steve Alper (musical typesetting)


The Missing Manual series is a joint venture between Pogue Press (the dream team introduced on these pages) and O'Reilly Media (a dream publishing partner).

From Apple, I had insanely valuable assistance from Fred Johnson, Paul Towner, Xander Soren, Greg Scanlon, and Gary Drenan. Thanks, too, to Adam Goldstein, Boy Genius, for production assistance; Glenn Reid for tech-editing two iMovie editions; and to David Rogelberg. Lesa Snider and Jackie Samwick, for assisting immensely with this book's massive index.

Finally, thanks to Kelly, Tia, and Jeffrey, my favorite iMovie stars, and my wife, Jennifer, who made this bookand everything elsepossible.

The Missing Manual Series

Missing Manuals are witty, superbly written guides to computer products that don't come with printed manuals (which is just about all of them). Each book features a handcrafted index; cross-references to specific page numbers (not just "see Chapter 14"); and RepKover, a detached-spine binding that lets the book lie perfectly flat without the assistance of weights or cinder blocks.

Recent and upcoming titles include:

  • Mac OS X: The Missing Manual , Tiger Edition by David Pogue

  • GarageBand 2: The Missing Manual by David Pogue et al.

  • iPhoto 5: The Missing Manual by David Pogue and Derrick Story

  • iMovie HD & iDVD 5: The Missing Manual by David Pogue

  • iPod & iTunes: The Missing Manual , Third Edition by J.D. Biersdorfer

  • AppleScript: The Missing Manual by Adam Goldstein

  • iWork: The Missing Manual by Jim Elferdink

  • Office 2004 for Macintosh: The Missing Manual by Mark H. Walker, Franklin Tessler, and Paul Berkowitz

  • FileMaker Pro 7: The Missing Manual by Geoff Coffey

  • Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual , Tiger Edition by David Pogue and Adam Goldstein

  • Photoshop Elements 3: The Missing Manual by Barbara Brundage

  • Google: The Missing Manual by Sarah Milstein and Rael Dornfest

  • Dreamweaver MX 2004: The Missing Manual by David Sawyer McFarland

  • AppleWorks 6: The Missing Manual by Jim Elferdink and David Reynolds

  • Windows XP Home Edition: The Missing Manual , 2nd Edition by David Pogue

  • Windows XP Pro: The Missing Manual , 2nd Edition by David Pogue, Craig Zacker, and Linda Zacker


At its best, Apple has always focused on one particular mission: identifying powerful but complex technologies and distilling them into far simpler packages. You shouldn't have to be a professional working for a media conglomerate, says Apple, to harness cutting-edge technology for your own creative expression and entertainment.

That's the philosophy behind the iLife software suite. Each of the five programs in this $80 package is a streamlined, attractive, easy-to-use version of software that was once hopelessly complex (or hopelessly expensive).

Each of the five programs is designed to serve as the digital hub for a different kind of artistic expression:

  • iTunes 4 , for managing, playing, buying, and sharing digital music.

  • iPhoto 5 , for downloading photos from your digital camera, and organizing, sharing, and printing them.

  • iMovie HD , for editing footage from a digital camcorder, adding effects, sound, and credits, and then presenting the result.

  • GarageBand 2 , for composing and recording terrific -sounding songs of your own.

  • iDVD 5 , for burning DVDs containing the movies, music, and photos from iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand. Professional DVDs in every wayexcept you get to make them yourself!

Technically speaking, you can perform all of the same tasks using other software brands and other kinds of computers. But not as easily, not as consistently, not as pleasurably, and certainly not for a grand total of $80 (or free with a new Mac).