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Sams Teach Yourself Mac OS X Digital Media All in One
By Robyn Ness
Publisher : Sams Publishing
Pub Date : May 28, 2003
ISBN : 0-672-32532-2
Pages : 792

You've got a Mac and a digitial camera. You've got Mac OS X. You've got iMovie and iDVD and Photoshop Elements...and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Now all you need to do is figure out how to get them to work together-so that you can stop thinking about your computer and start thinking about getting things done.

This one book is your answer-the answer to that one nagging question you have today, and the answer to all the questions about Mac OS X and computers that you're likely to have in the future.

  Table of Contents
Sams Teach Yourself Mac OS X Digital Media All in One
By Robyn Ness
Publisher : Sams Publishing
Pub Date : May 28, 2003
ISBN : 0-672-32532-2
Pages : 792

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      Reader Services
      Digital Media Applications
      Necessary Tools
    Part I.  Getting Started
      Chapter 1.  Setting Up Your Mac
      Unpacking Your New Mac
      Hooking Up Your Mac
      Your Mac's Startup Routine
      Setting Up Your Account
      Turning It All Off
      Discovering the Help Menus
      Keyboard Power
      A Tour of Mac OS X Technology
      Installing Mac OS X
      Chapter 2.  Exploring the Desktop
      The Finder
      The Finder Menu Bar
      The Finder Window
      The File System
      Performing File and Content Searches
      Finder Preferences
      The Dock
      System Preferences
      Universal Access
      Chapter 3.  Working with Windows, Folders, Files, and Applications
      Creating Aliases
      Renaming, Copying, and Deleting
      Getting File Information
      Running Classic Applications
      Chapter 4.  Using the Internet
      Creating an Internet Connection
      Setting Multiple Connection Options and Locations
      Using Internet Connect
      Web-Browsing Basics
      .Mac Membership
      Address Book
      Chapter 5.  Using Other Basic Applications
      DVD Player
      Chapter 6.  Installing Additional Software
      Installing Software
      Some Software Suggestions
      Task: Checking Free Hard Drive Space
      Task: Verifying Available Memory
      Chapter 7.  Choosing Peripheral Devices
      USB Basics
      FireWire Basics
      Digital Cameras
      Additional Peripheral Devices
      Connecting FireWire and USB Devices
      Chapter 8.  Monitors and ColorSync
      Configuring Displays
      Using the Display Calibrator Assistant
      Introduction to ColorSync
      Chapter 9.  Setting Up Printers and Fonts
      Setting Up a New Printer
      Adding Printers with Print Center
      Printing Your Document
      Adding Fonts
    Part II.  Apple iLife: iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, and iDVD
      Chapter 10.  Introducing iLife
      Introducing iTunes
      Introducing iPhoto
      Introducing iMovie
      Introducing iDVD
      Installing the iLife Applications
      Chapter 11.  Using iTunes
      Setting Up iTunes
      Adding MP3s
      Using Your iPod with iTunes
      Chapter 12.  Using iPhoto
      Importing Image Files
      Organizing Images
      Editing Photos
      Designing a Photo Book
      Sharing Your Photos
      Chapter 13.  Getting Started with iMovie
      The iMovie Workspace
      iMovie Monitor
      Timeline Viewer
      Clip Viewer
      The Clip Viewer
      Previewing Clips
      Enhancing Clips
      Digital Video Concepts
      Chapter 14.  Working with Video in iMovie
      Importing Video from a File
      Connecting Camcorders
      Working with Video
      Capturing Video
      Moving Around in a Clip
      Making Basic Edits
      Chapter 15.  Adding Transitions, Effects, and Titles in iMovie
      Adding Titles
      Adjusting Titles
      Working with Transitions
      Sample EffectBrightness/Contrast
      Working with Effects
      Making Changes to Effects
      Chapter 16.  Using Still Photos, Music, and Sound Effects in iMovie
      Photos and iMovie
      Importing into iPhoto
      Adding Photos to iMovie
      Still Images and Duration
      Still Images, Effects, and Transitions
      Sound in iMovie
      Working with Audio
      Other iMovie Audio Sources
      Chapter 17.  Exporting iMovies
      Choosing a Way to Share Your iMovie
      Making Videotapes from iMovie
      Emailing iMovies
      Putting iMovies on the Web
      Burning iMovies to CD
      Exporting iMovies to iDVD
      Chapter 18.  Getting Started with iDVD
      DVD Players
      The DVD Creation Revolution
      How DVD Video Works
      Basic iDVD Features
      DVD Discs
      DVD Storage Capacity
      Purchasing the Right Blank DVD Discs
      Chapter 19.  Designing DVDs in iDVD
      Preparing the DVD Project
      Importing Files
      iDVD Capabilities
      Creating DVD Menus
      Customizing Menus
      DVD Slideshows
      Chapter 20.  Creating DVDs with iDVD
      Burning Your DVD
      Manufacturing Discs
      DVD-ROM ContentAdding Computer Files on a DVD
    Part III.  Photoshop Elements
      Chapter 21.  Introducing Photoshop Elements
      Getting Help
      A Tour of the Desktop
      Understanding the Shortcuts Bar
      Using the Tools in the Toolbox
      Understanding the Options Bar
      Using the Menus
      Taking a Look at the File and Edit Menus
      Taking a Look at the Image Menu
      Taking a Look at the Enhance Menu
      Taking a Look at the Layer Menu
      Taking a Look at the Select Menu
      Taking a Look at the Filter Menu
      Taking a Look at the View Menu
      Taking a Look at the Window Menu
      Setting Preferences
      Undoing and Redoing
      Using the Undo History Palette
      Chapter 22.  Starting, Saving, and Printing Your Work
      Starting a New Image File
      Browsing for a File
      Saving Your Work
      Saving Images for the Web
      Creating a Web Gallery
      Emailing a Picture
      Exporting a PDF
      Adjusting Resolution
      Importing Source Images
      Changing Image and Canvas Sizes
      Understanding Color Systems
      Preparing the Image
      Printing the Page
      Making Contact Sheets and Picture Packages
      Chapter 23.  Using Basic Tools in Elements
      Using the Selection Tools
      Selecting with the Lasso Tools
      Making Selections with the Magic Wand
      Modifying Selections
      Stroking and Filling Selections
      Using the Paint Bucket Tool to Fill a Selection
      Working with Layers
      Managing Layers
      Cropping and Resizing Your Pictures
      Rotating an Image
      Straightening the Horizon
      Straightening an Image
      Skewing Images
      Using the Type Tools
      Using the Type Mask Tools
      Working with Layer Styles and Text
      Warping Text
      Chapter 24.  Fixing Photo Flaws
      Making Basic Cleanups
      Fixing Red Eye
      Removing Dust and Scratches
      Too Light/Too Dark: Adjusting Brightness, Contrast, and Color
      Adjusting by Eye with Color Variations
      Adjusting Color with Color Cast
      Adjusting Color with Hue/Saturation
      Removing and Replacing Color
      Compensating for Lighting Mistakes
      Using the Quick Fix Dialog Box
      Using Repair Recipes and Tutorials
      Following a Tutorial
      Using Adjustment Layers to Fix Image Problems
      Repairing Black-and-White Pictures
      Preparing an Old Photo for Repair by Removing Sepia
      Repairing Serious Damage
      Applying Vignetting
      Applying Tints
      Making Color Repairs
      Using Fill Flash
      Making Selective Color Adjustments
      Image Correction Tools
      Hand Coloring a Black-and-White Photo
      Removing and Replacing Objects
      Replacing a Face
      Putting Back What Was Never There
      Using the Magic Eraser
      Putting Together Stitched Panoramas
      Chapter 25.  Enhancing Your Photos with Filters
      Working with Filters
      Adjusting the Effect of Filters
      Using the Artistic Filters
      Working with Pastels, Chalk, Charcoal, and Pen
      Going Wild with Filters
      Using Third-Party Filters
      Chapter 26.  Creating Digital Art from Scratch
      Choosing Colors
      Using the Shape Tools
      Using the Brush Tool
      Using the Pencil Tool
      Using the Eraser Tools
      Creating Backgrounds with the Gradient Tool
      Using Layer Styles to Create Composites
      Understanding Blending Modes
      Applying Effects
      Creating Drop Shadows from Scratch
      Making Reflections
      Using Distortions to Blend Composite Images
    Part IV.  Advanced System Management
      Chapter 27.  Sharing (and Securing) Your Computer
      Sharing Your Computer with Multiple Users
      Logging In
      Controlling File Permissions
      Understanding Groups
      Using Network Sharing
      Connecting to Shared Folders
      Security Considerations
      Local Security
      Maintaining Security Online
      Chapter 28.  Managing Your System
      Automating Software Updates
      Backing Up Your Data
      Disk Copy
      Using Backup Software
      Optimizing Your Hard Drive
      CPU Monitor
      Chapter 29.  Recovering from Crashes and Other Problems
      Application Unexpectedly Quits
      Other System Crashes
      Forcing a Restart
      Restoring the Administrator Password
      Fixing Hard Drive Problems
      Reinstalling System Software