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the seven keys to managing strategic accounts
The Seven Keys to Managing Strategic Accounts
bySallie Sherman, Joseph SperryandSamuel Reese ISBN:0071417524
McGraw-Hill 2003 (204 pages)

Through case examples gathered from the authors' experiences in helping organizations manage their most critical business relationships, this book points out the keys in designing and implementing a strategic account management program.

Table of Contents
The Seven Keys to Managing Strategic Accounts
Chapter 1- Introduction: What is Strategic Account Management?
Part 1 - Getting Everyone Headed in Roughly the Same Direction: What Didn't Work
Chapter 2- Key 1: Define Strategic Account Management as a Business Rather Than a Sales Initiative
Chapter 3- Key 2: Create Firm Alignment and Commitment to Meet Strategic Accounts' Needs and Expectations
Chapter 4- Key 3: Start with the Right Number of the Right Strategic Accounts
Part 2 - Tactical Issues in Strategic Account Management ... Ironbolt Steel and Executive Visits: What Didn't Work
Chapter 5- Key 4: Create Human Resources Support for Strategic Account Managers
Chapter 6- Key 5: Create Firmwide Relationships at Multiple Levels of Relationships Between the Firm and its Most Critical Accounts
Chapter 7- Key 6: Regularly Quantify and Communicate the Value Received From and Delivered to Strategic Accounts
Chapter 8- Key 7: Use Technology Judiciously
Part 3 - From Analysis to Action... Ticonderoga Chemical and Strategic Account Management: The Payoff
Chapter 9- Conclusion: From Analysis to Action: Moving the Game Forward
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Strategic accounts are your firm’s lifeblood: they play a critical role in its success or failure. The Seven Keys to Managing Strategic Accounts is filled with best practices and examples of how to intelligently manage key interactions and relationships with these vital accounts—for greater loyalty, higher profitability, and consistent competitive advantage.

Let this hands-on guidebook’s compelling case studies and examples help you to:

  • Create firm-wide alignment and commitment to meeting the needs and expectations of strategic accounts
  • Develop multilevel relationships within these accounts, from line managers to upper executives
  • Continually quantify and communicate the value delivered to and received from strategic accounts

Discover how today’s marketing leaders are designing and implementing cost-effective, results-oriented strategic account programs, and how you can follow their lead, in The Seven Keys to Managing Strategic Accounts.

About the Authors

Sallie Sherman is the president and CEO of S4 Consulting, a leading-edge relationship management firm that has helped business-to-business clients use strategic account management for nearly two decades.

Joseph Sperry is a partner with S4 Consulting, and a recognized national authority on the principles and application of strategic account relationship management.

Sam Reese is president and CEO of Miller Heiman, a leading developer and provider of sales management solutions for sales organizations and professionals.

The Seven Keys to Managing Strategic Accounts





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