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working with microsoft dynamics crm 3.0
Working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0
byMike SnyderandJim Steger
Microsoft Press 2006 (582 pages)

With insights from a leading deployment consulting team, this book offers an introduction to Microsoft CRM fundamentals and provides guidelines for adapting Microsoft CRM to meet exacting business needs.

Table of Contents
Working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0
Part I - Configuration and Settings
Chapter 1 - Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 Overview
Chapter 2 - Setting Up Your System
Chapter 3 - Managing Security and Information Access
Part II - Customization
Chapter 4 - Entity Customization: Concepts and Attributes
Chapter 5 - Entity Customization: Forms and Views
Chapter 6 - Entity Customization: Relationships, Custom Entities, and Site Map
Chapter 7 - Reporting and Analysis
Chapter 8 - Workflow
Part III - Extending Microsoft Crm
Chapter 9 - Server-Side SDK
Chapter 10 - Client-Side SDK
Chapter 11 - Integration with External Applications
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Get hands-on information for configuring, adapting, and extending Microsoft CRM.

Learn how to tailor Microsoft CRM to work the way you do. This in-depth guide is perfect for developers, IT implementers, and advanced users who want to learn how to use the new features and enhancements of Microsoft CRM 3.0 to meet exacting business needs. Two experts on CRM delivery case studies, integration and performance guidelines, and adaptable code samples—the information you need to help you create successful CRM solutions.

Discover how to:

  • Set up and configure Microsoft CRM 3.0
  • Manage information access with security settings
  • Create and deploy custom reports
  • Integrate Microsoft CRM with other business applications and tools
  • Customize forms by modifying fields, tabs, and sections—without any programming
  • Modify default entities—or create your own custom entities
  • Develop server-side and client-side application customizations
  • Automate business processes with Workflow

About the Authors

Mike Snyder is cofounder and principal of Sonoma Partners, a Chicago-based consulting firm that specializes in Microsoft CRM implementations. Microsoft awarded Sonoma Partners as the Global Microsoft CRM Partner of the Year in both 2003 and 2005. Recognized as one of the industry's leading CRM experts, Mike authors several popular newsletters and blogs about Microsoft CRM.

Prior to Sonoma Partners, Mike led multiple product development teams at Motorola and Fortune Brands. Mike graduated with honors from Northwestern's Kellogg Graduate School of Management with a Masters of Business Administration degree, majoring in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. He has a bachelor's degree in engineering from Notre Dame.

Jim Steger is also a cofounder and principal of Sonoma Partners. He architected and led multiple award-winning Microsoft CRM deployments, including complex enterprise integration projects. He's been developing solutions and writing code for Microsoft CRM since the version 1.0 beta. Jim also contributed to the Microsoft CRM 3.0 Technology Adoption Program and provided input for several of the Microsoft CRM 3.0 certification courses.

Prior to Sonoma Partners, Jim designed and led various global software development projects at Motorola and Acco Office Products. Jim earned his bachelor's degree in engineering from Northwestern University.