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strategiesthat win sales: best practices of the world’s leading organizations
StrategiesThat Win Sales: Best Practices of the World’s Leading Organizations
by Mark Marone and Seleste Lunsford  ISBN:0793188601
Dearborn Financial Publishing © 2005 (249 pages)

From an in-depth analysis of 17 of the world’s leading organizations, this book explores how major market challenges are being addressed and overcome by the various strategies developed and implemented by sales organizations.

Table of Contents
Strategies that Win Sales—Best Practices of the World’s Leading Organizations
Chapter 1 - Challenges Facing Today’s Sales Organizations
Chapter 2 - Expanding Multichannel Strategies
Chapter 3 - Examining the Deployment of Sales Resources
Chapter 4 - Leveraging Technologies For Sales Success
Chapter 5 - Adopting a Consultative Selling Approach
Chapter 6 - Reskilling the Sales Force
Chapter 7 - Redefining Sales Management
Chapter 8 - Creating a Culture for Winning Sales
Chapter 9 - Customers’ Demands For More—Buying Behaviors and Attitudes
Chapter 10 - Conclusion
Appendix A - Five Roles for Successful Sales—A Search for the Indicators of Sales Success
Appendix B - Salesperson Competency Assessment
Appendix C - Sales Manager Assessment
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Today's complex selling environment has altered the definition of what it takes to be truly successful. Companies need to do more, more, more: grow more revenue, add more customers, and utilize more marketing channels. Sales performance consultants Mark Marone and Seleste Lunsford, and the team at AchieveGlobal, identified 17 business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) organizations from various industries that have successfully and aggressively pursued and implemented cutting-edge global solutions to these issues. They then conducted in-depth phone and face-to-face research with 150 individuals from the high-performing sales organizations, including Marriott International, HP, Office Depot, Sprint PCS, Yellow Book USA, Ingersol Rand, Fuji-Xerox, and TD Waterhouse.

Strategies That Win Sales goes beyond the nuts and bolts of sales process books by identifying higher-level challenges, including how to:

  • Segment customers.
  • Align a sales force with today's more sophisticated and knowledgeable customers.
  • Extend multichannel strategies, including distributors, e-commerce, teleselling, and face-to- face selling.
  • Implement e-commerce, customer relationship management, and sales force automation.
  • Train salespeople to be competitive and grow revenue in this new business environment.

The book's narrative format contains examples, cutting-edge solutions, case studies, and quotations from participating companies, as well as trends and predictions for the future.

About the Authors

Mark Marone, Ph.D., and Seleste Lunsford are senior managers for AchieveGlobal. With over 1,600 employees across the U.S. and in 40 different countries, AchieveGlobal is a worldwide leader in sales performance consulting. Marone’s career has been in academic and private sector research and consulting in the areas of economic development, corporate strategy, and business policy. Lunsford’s background is in sales, product management, marketing, and management consulting in the financial services, training, and IT services industries. Both are popular speakers at conferences and other professional events.