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web systems design and online consumer behavior
Web Systems Design and Online Consumer Behavior
byYuan Gao (ed) ISBN:1591403278
Idea Group Publishing 2005 (330 pages)

By taking an interdisciplinary approach to systems design in the online environment, this text explores issues such as system features, multimedia design, Web site usability, and consumer behavior.

Table of Contents
Web Systems Design and Online Consumer Behavior
Section I - Consumer Behavior in Web-Based Commerce
Chapter I - e-Search: A Conceptual Framework of Online Consumer Behavior
Chapter II - Information Search on the Internet: A Causal Model
Chapter III - Two Models of Online Patronage: Why Do Consumers Shop on the Internet?
Chapter IV - How Consumers Think About ‘Interactive’ Aspects of Web Advertising
Chapter V - Consumer Complaint Behavior in the Online Environment
Section II - Web Site Usability and Interface Design
Chapter VI - Web Site Quality and Usability in E-Commerce
Chapter VII - Objective and Perceived Complexity and Their Impacts on Internet Communication
Chapter VIII - Personalization Systems and Their Deployment as Web Site Interface Design Decisions
Chapter IX - Extrinsic Plus Intrinsic Human Factors Influencing the Web Usage
Section III - Systems Design for Electronic Commerce
Chapter X - Converting Browsers to Buyers: Key Considerations in Designing Business-to-Consumer Web Sites
Chapter XI - User Satisfaction with Web Portals: An Empirical Study
Chapter XII - Web Design and E-Commerce
Chapter XIII - Shopping Agent Web Sites: A Comparative Shopping Environment
Chapter XIV - Product Catalog and Shopping Cart Effective Design
Section IV - Customer Trust and Loyalty Online
Chapter XV - Customer Trust in Online Commerce
Chapter XVI - Turning Web Surfers into Loyal Customers: Cognitive Lock-In Through Interface Design and Web Site Usability
Chapter XVII - Internet Markets and E-Loyalty
Section V - Social and Legal Influences on Web Marketing and Online Consumers
Chapter XVIII - Web Systems Design, Litigation, and Online Consumer Behavior
Chapter XIX - Affording Cultural and Social Presence in E-Marketing
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Web Systems Design and Online Consumer Behavior takes an interdisciplinary approach toward systems design in the online environment by providing an understanding of how consumers behave while shopping online and how certain system design elements may impact consumers' perceptions, attitude, intentions, and actual behavior. This book contains theoretical and empirical research from expert scholars in a number of areas including communications, psychology, marketing and advertising, and information systems. This book provides an integrated look at the subject area as described above to further our understanding of the linkage among various disciplines inherently connected with one another in electronic commerce.

About the Editor

Dr. Yuan Gao is an assistant professor of information systems at Ramapo College of New Jersey, USA. He holds a Master's degree in Computer and Information Science from Brooklyn College, and an MBA and a Ph.D. in Business from Zicklin School of Business, Baruch College-The City University of New York. His research interests include human computer interaction, user acceptance of technology, web interface design, online consumer behavior, and current issues in electronic commerce. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in conference proceedings, scholarly books, and academic journals such as The Electronic Library and Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations.