We wish to thank all those professionals who dedicated time to reading the book and who gave us helpful comments and guidance in their fields of expertise (the names are listed in alphabetical order):

Gil Alon (Partner, Heidrick & Struggles), for his comments on recruiting and remunerating employees; Tali Eitan, Advocate (Managing Partner: Eitan, Perl, Letzer, and Cohen-Tzadok), for her comments on intellectual property; Israel Eliyahu (CPA), for his helpful comments on valuation and capital markets; Avi Feldman, Advocate (Israeli Ministry of Industry and Trade); Avi Fischer, Advocate (Managing Partner: Fischer, Behar, Chen and Co.), for his insights; Ariella Lahav, Advocate (Partner: Goldfarb, Levy, Eran and Co.); Dr. Amikam Levanon (CEO: Asia Gate), for his comments on the perspective of a venture capitalist; Professor Nahum Melumad (chairman of the accounting division, Columbia University), for his mentorship and for his helpful comments, and in particular to the chapter on valuation; Dr. Avraham Ortal, Advocate (Partner: Zelermeyer, Pelossof), for his comments on raising capital; Enrico Friz, Advocate (Managing Partner: Walder Wyss and Partner, Advocates), for the information on capital raising; Ori Rosen, Advocate (Partner: Danziger, Klagsbald, Rosen and Co.), for his comments on legal and business matters; Benjamin Strauss, Esq. (Pepper Hamilton LLP), for his insights on Delaware law; Tzahi Yagur, Advocate (Partner: Shavit, Bar On, Inbar), for his comments on mergers and sales; Dr. Giora Yaron, for his assistance; Ron Zackay, Advocate (Yigal Arnon and Co.), for his contribution to the chapters on incorporation and mergers; and Dr. Ezra Zuckerman (Stanford University), for his helpful comments.

We owe special thanks to Raffi Gidron (the founder of Chromatis), for his contribution in general and his "insider" insights on the Chromatis-Lucent transaction in particular. Special thanks to Dr. Eyal Shenhav and Benny Kalifi, Advocate, for their knowledge of taxation; to Naomi Shenkar, Advocate, for her competent translation and editorial work, and to Gil Goshen, for his competent research work. We are grateful to Eviathar Matania (Managing Partner: Arcanum) for his insights and comments on the various drafts of the book.

Above all, we are grateful to our special advisors: Chemi Peres, the managing partner of Pitango Ventures, Davidi Gilo, the founder of DSPC and DSPG, and Ron Lubash, a managing director at Lehman Brothers, for their comments, insights, and support.

About the Authors

Dr. Oren Furst is the Managing Director of Strategic Models LLC, a strategic advisory focused on all aspects of venture development and venture capital investments in the technology and healthcare sectors worldwide.

Fuerst is also co-director of the Technology Valuation and Strategy Executive program at Columbia Business School, and lectures in the Executive and MBA programs on the topics of Technology Valuation and Strategy and Global Valuation. He was formerly on the faculty of Yale School of Management and served with the Capital Market Advisory Group of KPMG. He is also a featured financial columnist for leading financial newspapers, including the Financial Times.

Dr. Fuerst was also a commander in the Israeli Army's elite Technology unit. He received his master's and doctoral degrees from Columbia Business School (on the topic of International Securities Offerings), and his work is widely read in the academic and business worlds.

Dr. Uri Geiger is the co-founder and CEO of GalayOr Networks Inc., a developer of innovative micro opto-mechanical systems for applications at the core of next-generation optical networks. Formerly, he managed a U.S.-based private equity fund. He teaches venture capital and entrepreneurship topics at Tel Aviv University Business School. An experienced lawyer with leading law firms, including Sullivan and Cromwell, he specialized in securities offerings, M&As, and venture capital investments.

Dr. Geiger has vast experience in running technology-based and capital-raising projects, including founding and successfully selling an Internet-based jewelry company. Dr. Geiger is also a Captain (Res.) in the Israeli Air Force.

He received his master's and doctoral degrees from Columbia University Center for Law and Economics (on the topic of International Securities Offerings). His influential work has been published in leading law and economics journals.