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implementing homeland security for enterprise it
Implementing Homeland Security for Enterprise IT
byMichael Erbschloe ISBN:1555583121
Digital Press 2004 (299 pages)

This book shows what IT organizations need to accomplish to implement National Strategy for the Physical Protection of Critical Infrastructures and Key Assets and The National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace which were developed after September 11, 2001.

Table of Contents
Implementing Homeland Security for Enterprise IT
Chapter 1- Organizing Homeland Security Efforts
Chapter 2- Cross-Sector Security Priorities and Issues
Chapter 3- Security and Critical Infrastructures
Chapter 4- Information Sharing for Protecting National Assets
Chapter 5- Homeland Security Initiatives by Sector
Chapter 6- Why a National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace Is Important
Chapter 7- Participating in a National Cyberspace Security Response System
Chapter 8- Participating in a National Threat and Vulnerability Reduction Program
Chapter 9- Launching a National Cyberspace Security Awareness and Training Program
Chapter 10- Working to Secure Governments’ Cyberspace
Chapter 11- Global Cyberspace Security Cooperation
Chapter 12- Moving into the Future
Appendix A- Homeland Security Acronyms
Appendix B- Homeland Security Resources
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The September 11, 2001 attacks illustrated the immense vulnerability to terrorist threats. Since there have been considerable efforts to develop plans and methods to protect critical infrastructures and key assets. The government at all levels, private sector organizations, as well as concerned citizens have begun to establish partnerships and to develop action plans. But there are many questions yet to be answered about what organizations should actually do to protect their assets and their people while participating in national efforts to improve security. This book provides practical steps that IT managers in all organizations and sectors can take to move security from the planning process into practice.

  • 77 action steps that organizations can take to implement IT-related homeland security initiatives
  • An action road map that shows which objectives need to be addressed at the executive level, in the IT department, and in computer security
  • Easy to understand explanations as to how national strategies for homeland security impact IT operations, policies, and procedures

About the Author

Michael Erbschloe is an educator and consultant and the author of Socially Responsible IT Management (Digital Press, 2002).

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Implementing Homeland Security for Enterprise IT

Michael Erbschloe

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