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fundamentals of svg programming: concepts to source code
Fundamentals of SVG Programming: Concepts to Source Code
by Oswald Campesato  ISBN:1584502983
Charles River Media © 2004 (512 pages)

This guide features many examples that produce attractive graphics, making it easy to learn the powerful techniques of SVG. The concepts of SVG are integrated with mathematics to show how simple equations can be used to create and manipulate SVG graphics.

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Table of Contents
Fundamentals of SVG Programming—Concepts to Source Code
Chapter 1- SVG Coordinate System, Simple Shapes, and Colors
Chapter 2- Color Gradients and Style
Chapter 3- Circles, Ellipses, and path Elements
Chapter 4- SVG pattern , Grid Patterns, and clipPath
Chapter 5- Quadratic and Cubic Bezier Curves
Chapter 6- SVG Transformations
Chapter 7- SVG Filters
Chapter 8- Displaying Text
Chapter 9- Simple SVG Animation
Chapter 10- SVG for Bar Charts and Line Graphs
Chapter 11- HTML, ECMAScript, and SVG DOM
Chapter 12- Interactive SVG and ECMAScript
Chapter 13- ECMAScript and SVG Animation
Chapter 14- ECMAScript and Polar Equations
Chapter 15- SVG and Pie Charts
Chapter 16- ECMAScript, Recursion, and SVG
Chapter 17- Generating SVG Documents
Chapter 18- Supplemental Patterns
Appendix A- XSL Basics
Appendix B- Introduction to XML*
Appendix C- Perl Basics
Appendix D- About the CD-ROM
Color Section
List of Figures
List of Code Examples
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Fundamentals of SVG Programming-Concepts to Source Code

Oswald Campesato

Hingham, Massachusetts

Copyright 2004 by CHARLES RIVER MEDIA, INC.

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Oswald Campesato. Fundamentals of SVG Programming: Concepts to Source Code.

ISBN: 1-58450-298-3

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Campesato, Oswald.
Fundamentals of SVG programming : concepts to source code / Oswald
Campesato.- 1st ed.
p. cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN 1-58450-298-3
1. Computer graphics. 2. SVG (Document markup language) 3. Web
sites-Design. I. Title.
T385.C356 2003

Printed in the United States of America
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