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We all know that the business environment changes every day. But the radical shift that’s taken place in negotiating in recent years is so substantial that it requires an equally radical shift in thinking. Looking at negotiation as a series of tactics simply won’t work anymore. The only way you can meet the challenges of negotiating in today’s business world is to think of negotiating as a process. And that’s what Strategic Negotiation is all about. It provides you with a systematic and rational process that enables you to go beyond “win-win” to create true, measurable business value, and allow both you and your customer to meet—and exceed—your negotiation goals.

Based on the research of Harvard professor Max H. Bazerman, and further developed by Brian Dietmeyer and his colleagues at Think! Inc., the Strategic Negotiation process shows that ultimately every negotiation follows the same “blueprint,” and how by filling in that blueprint you and your customers can get even more out of a negotiation than either of you expected going into it.

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Brian J. Kietmeyer is senior partner and managing director of Think! Inc./Negotiation Solutions, a consulting firm he founded with Dr. Max H. Bazerman in 1996. The firm’s international clientele includes corporations in Japan, Singapore, Korea, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Italy. Dietmeyer frequently lectures to business and professional organizations worldwide and has authored numerous articles on negotiation, marketing, and business-to-business research.

Rob Kaplan served as editor-in-chief and publisher of AMACOM Books, as well as in senior-level editorial positions with several major New York-based publishing houses , before starting his own literary services firm, Rob Kaplan Associates, in 1997. He is the author of several books in the business field.

Strategic Negotiation—ABreakthrough Process for Effective Business Negotiation

Brian J. Dietmeyer

with Rob Kaplan

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Think! Inc. is a global negotiation consultancy offering a wide range of services from instructor-led or Web-based Strategic Negotiation workshops to implemented organizational solutions. Think! Inc. was founded by Max Bazerman, Ph.D., author of Negotiating Rationally and a professor at the Harvard Business School. 312.850.1190

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To my business partner and friend, Max Bazerman—the book doesn’t exist without you. Mom, Dad, John, Joanne, Dan, Sandy, Nancy, Chad, Renee, Cassidi, Brianna, Dylan, Lauren, Elise, Denise, and Brent—I love you. My associates at Think!—I appreciate you more than you know.


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