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mondays stink!: 23 secrets to rediscover delight and fulfillment in your work
Mondays Stink!: 23 Secrets To Rediscover Delight and Fulfillment in Your Work
byCarl Dierschow ISBN:1591099080
Carl Dierschow 2003 (136 pages)

This book describes 23 concrete steps you can take to perk up your career and recapture a sense of satisfaction and contentment in your work.

Table of Contents
Mondays Stink!—23 Secrets to Rediscover Delight and Fulfillment in Your Work
My Story
Structure of This Book
Theme A - Create Your Support Group
Section 1- Like and Respect Your Colleagues
Section 2- Trust Others and Give People the Benefit of the Doubt
Section 3- Communicate Openly With Anyone and Everyone
Section 4- Seek Out People Who Appreciate What You Do
Section 5- Try to Help Others Be More Effective and Look Good
Section 6- Appreciate Everyone’s Unique Contributions and Abilities
Section 7- Set Appropriate Expectations
Section 8- Actually Commit
Section 9- Take Care of the Little Things Immediately
Section 10- Build Bridges Rather Than Burning Them
Theme B - Take Care of Your Needs
Section 11- Invest in Understanding Yourself
Section 12- Look for Jobs That Align With the Organization’s and Your Personal Goals
Section 13- Stay With Organizations Which Have a Philosophy Compatible With Your Own
Section 14- Understand Others’ Points of View
Section 15- Look at Every Activity as an Opportunity
Section 16- Limit the Encroachment of Work on Your Personal Life
Section 17- Keep Your Lifestyle Within What You Are Currently Paid
Theme C - Deliver Value to the Organization
Section 18- Focus Intensely on Delivering Value to the Organization
Section 19- Expand Your Impact Whenever You Can
Section 20- Do the Best You Can on Your Job
Section 21- Take Responsibility for What You Should Own
Section 22- Vocally Support the Organization’s Goals
Section 23- Choose Your Battles Carefully
What Next?
How Healthy is Your Job Satisfaction?
Improving Your Job Satisfaction
Additional Resources

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, our lives seem to be disappearing beneath a tidal wave of stress and overwork. We enjoy the highest standard of living in history, yet we feel that our fundamental human happiness is at an all-time low. Employees of large organizations feel this acutely, and they are worried their security, happiness, and value are controlled by others.

For those who choose to recognize it, a new employment agreement is arising. Actually, it is not new at all––it always has been the way business works. The agreement is simple.

It is common for people to never feel as if they have found this “sweet spot.” If you are experiencing stress and lack of job satisfaction, then this book is for you. It will give you some ideas, help you take control of your own job satisfaction, and create a win-win relationship with your employer.

About the Author

Carl Dierschow lives in Fort Collins, Colorado. He graduated from the University of Colorado with a bachelor’s degree in software engineering, and has worked for several companies and a government agency in the United States and Australia over the span of some thirty years. Over half of this was as a first- and second-level manager in various capacities.

In addition to being a full-time corporate employee, Carl also is a trained Certified Comprehensive Organizational Coach. He is applying those coaching skills every day in his job, using this as a means of creating his own career fulfillment.