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pc magazine windows vista security solutions
PC Magazine Windows Vista Security Solutions
byDan DiNicolo
John Wiley & Sons 2007 (360 pages)

Providing a valuable roadmap to the Golden Rules of Windows security, this guide explains the steps to take in order to remain safe in the super-charged breeding ground for security and privacy threats that is the Internet.

Table of Contents
PC Magazine Windows Vista Security Solutions
Part I - Getting Down to the Business of Securing Windows Vista
Chapter 1 - A Short Introduction to Securing Windows Vista
Chapter 2 - Implementing User Accounts and Logon Security
Chapter 3 - Implementing Password Security
Chapter 4 - Using Built-in Tools and Settings to Improve Windows Vista Security
Part II - Making Surfing Safer
Chapter 5 - Securing Your Web Browser
Chapter 6 - Implementing Parental Controls
Part III - Protecting Windows Vista Against Internet Threats
Chapter 7 - Protecting Windows Vista with a Firewall
Chapter 8 - Keeping Windows Vista Patched and Protected
Chapter 9 - Protecting Against Viruses
Chapter 10 - Fighting Malware-Protecting Against Spyware, Adware, and Browser Hijackers
Part IV - Messaging Your Way to E-mail Security
Chapter 11 - The Dark Side of Spam
Chapter 12 - Securing E-mail Messages Using Encryption and Digital Signatures
Part V - Protecting Your Files
Chapter 13 - Controlling Access to Your Personal Files
Chapter 14 - Improving File Security Using Encryption
Chapter 15 - Erasing Files and Hard Drives Securely
Part VI - Securing Your Home Network
Chapter 16 - Securing Shared Folders and Printers
Chapter 17 - Securing Windows Vista on Wireless Networks
Part VII - Appendixes
Appendix A - Reinstalling Windows Vista
Appendix B - Helpful Windows Vista Security Web Sites
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When you want to defend Windows Vista, it's good to know a PC Magazine expert.

Unless a time machine just dropped you in the 21st century, you already know that protecting your computer is essential. Now, here's Vista-new enough that no one is sure exactly what security threats might arise to hijack your system. That's why the road map that Dan DiNicolo provides in this book is so valuable. Follow these steps, abide by the Golden Rules of Windows security, and you'll sleep better. We promise.

See at a glance what's critical for security

  • Follow easy steps to implementing logon security, strong passwords, and firewall configuration
  • Ensure that security holes are patched regularly
  • Find out how to protect your Vista system against viruses-for free
  • Recognize the difference between malware and viruses and install the right anti-spyware protection
  • Implement parental controls to protect your kids online
  • Explore additional layers of security, such as e-mail encryption and secure file deletion

Five Golden Rules of Windows security

  1. Implement user accounts properly and protect them all with strong passwords.
  2. Install a firewall.
  3. Update your system regularly to be sure you have all security patches and Service Packs installed.
  4. Use up-to-date anti-virus software and scan regularly for viruses.
  5. Use up-to-date anti-spyware protection and scan regularly for spyware and related threats.

About the Author

Dan DiNicolo is a freelance author, trainer, and consultant based in the snowy backwoods of Canada. He is the author of PC Magazine Windows XP Security Solutions and has written scores of magazine articles about securing Windows systems. In his spare time Dan enjoys dreaming of a world where computers are as easy to use as toaster ovens.