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oracle9i dba jumpstart
Oracle9i DBA JumpStart
byBob Bryla ISBN:0782141897
Sybex 2003 (347 pages)

Get up to speed for Oracle9i Administration Training Courses--Fast!

Table of Contents
Oracle9i DBA JumpStart
Chapter 1- Relational Database Concepts
Chapter 2- SQL*Plus and iSQL*Plus Basics
Chapter 3- Oracle Database Functions
Chapter 4- Restricting, Sorting, and Grouping Data
Chapter 5- Using Multiple Tables
Chapter 6- Advanced SQL Queries
Chapter 7- Logical Consistency
Chapter 8- Installing Oracle and Creating a Database
Chapter 9- Reporting Techniques
Chapter 10- Creating and Maintaining Database Objects
Chapter 11- Users and Security
Chapter 12- Making Things Run Fast (Enough)
Chapter 13- Saving Your Stuff (Backups)
Chapter 14- Troubleshooting
Appendix A- Answers to Review Questions
Appendix B- Glossary
Appendix C- Common Database Platforms
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Oracle9i DBA JumpStart gives you the solid grounding you need to approach Oracle certification with confidence:

  • Introduction to relational database concepts
  • Using basic SQL *Plus and iSQL *Plus commands
  • Understanding Oracle database functions
  • Using multiple tables
  • Restricting, sorting, and grouping data
  • Creating and maintaining a database
  • Using SQL *Plus reporting techniques
  • Setting up users and managing security
  • Configuring optimization
  • Creating backups
  • Troubleshooting

About the Author

Bob Bryla, is an Oracle9i Certified Professional with more than ten years of experience in database design, database application development, training, and database administration. He is currently an internet database analyst and DBA at Land’s End, Inc. in Dodgeville, Wisconsin.

Oracle9i DBA JumpStart

Bob Bryla

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For MCL and the kids.


I couldn’t have written this book without the help of many talented and creative people.

I would like to thank Neil Edde, associate publisher, and Elizabeth Hurley, acquisitions editor, for recognizing the need for an introductory Oracle DBA text. Many thanks to developmental editor Heather O’Connor for telling me in the nicest possible way when I was way out in left field, and production editor Leslie Light and copyeditor Marilyn Smith for their valuable advice. Thanks also to technical editor Betty MacEwen for her attention to detail and helpful suggestions throughout the book.

The nature of this book required a great deal of artwork. Jeffery Wilson and the rest of Happenstance Type-O-Rama did an excellent job of creating artwork that was appropriate for the book. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and their art is an essential part of this book. Somehow they were able to decipher my Microsoft Word cave drawings and turn them into real graphics.

Many of my professional colleagues at both Lands’ End and Greenbrier & Russel were a source of both inspiration and guidance. Also, regards to my long lost friend from fourth grade, Janice, who I’m sure is a DBA out there somewhere.

Finally, I want to thank my family for all of their support and patience. I was still able to give the kids a bath and read books at bedtime, even with the tough deadlines. The journey wouldn’t have been half the fun without them.