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developing tablet pc applications
Developing Tablet PC Applications
by Clayton E. Crooks II  ISBN:1584502525
Charles River Media © 2004 (355 pages)

This comprehensive text teaches programmers how to create applications for the Tablet PC platform using the SDK developed for it. Learn how to install and use the SDK, and create specific applications.

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Table of Contents
Developing Tablet PC Applications
Chapter 1- The Tablet PC
Chapter 2- Introduction to Visual Basic .NET
Chapter 3- Working with VB .NET
Chapter 4- Basics of the .NET Framework
Chapter 5- Introduction to the VB .NET Language
Chapter 6- Object-Oriented Programming with VB .NET
Chapter 7- Strings, GDI+, and Error Handling in VB .NET
Chapter 8- Math and Random Number Functions in VB .NET
Chapter 9- Your First Program
Chapter 10- Console Application Input/Output
Chapter 11- Your First Windows Forms Application
Chapter 12- Obtaining the Tablet PC SDK
Chapter 13- Introduction to Ink-Enabled Applications
Chapter 14- Tablet PC Full Screen Utility
Chapter 15- Tablet PC Screen Rotation and Special Buttons
Chapter 16- Creating an MP3 Player
Chapter 17- Form Effects
Chapter 18- Using Gestures to Control Tablet Media Player
Chapter 19- Getting Started with Microsoft Agent
Chapter 20- Advanced Microsoft Agent
Chapter 21- Speech Input with SAPI
Chapter 22- Custom Grammars for Speech Recognition
Chapter 23- WMI and Hardware
Chapter 24- Power Management for the Tablet PC
Chapter 25- Virtual Joystick
Chapter 26- Pong Game
Chapter 27- Not Quite a Magic Ball
Chapter 28- Storing Ink in a Database
Chapter 29- 3D Rendering with OpenGL and DirectX 9
Chapter 30- Using Third-Party Engines
Chapter 31- Tablet Fax
Appendix- About the CD-ROM
List of Figures
List of Tables
List of Listings
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The new Tablet PC combines the latest incarnation of previous notebook computing technologies (i.e., digital ink and voice commands) with the power and reliability of Windows XP, possibly making it the most versatile PC ever. Developing Tablet PC Applications teaches programmers how to create applications for this exciting new platform using the SDK developed for it. It begins by explaining how to install and use the SDK, and then delves into the creation of several specific applications, such as a drawing program, an MP3 player, and a signature recognition program. It also covers game-related topics.


  • Goes beyond the functionality of the SDK, and delves into the creation of specific applications
  • Provides an easy-to-understand guide suitable for both beginning and experienced programmers, and also covers VB.NET fundamentals

About the Author

Clayton E. Crooks II is a partner in Advanced Information Systems, a consulting company specializing in custom hardware and software solutions for education, small business and government entities. His articles have appeared in Dr. Dobb's Journal, and he has recently published Learning REALbasic through Applications and The gmax Handbook.

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