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This book is dedicated to my mom and dad, Mercedes and John W. Connell. They provided me with unwavering support during this project, as they have in all my pursuits. My two sons, Garrett and Grady, of whom I am immeasurably proud, as well as my baby sister, Patricia, were also there to provide moral support and humor during the long hours. Thanks, guys, I couldn't have done it without you.


Special thanks to Keith D. Adams, childhood friend and Renaissance man; Mr. Morgan Gasior and his computer-scientist wife, Darlene, who provided an endless supply of visionary ideas and showed me the sky; John Dilenschneider, gentleman and computer scientist extraordinaire, for his guidance and friendship; my long-time mentors—Dean Helmut Epp, Ph.D., Dr. Martin Kalin, and Dr. David Miller—for their wit, intelligence, and vision; and Jeff Optholt for seeing things as they really are.

Extra special thanks to John Pierce and Jim Fuchs of Microsoft Press. These two gentlemen worked tirelessly and with impeccable professionalism to make this book into something special. Thanks, John and Jim. In spite of the hard work, you both made this project fun and never lost patience.


Over the years, I've been fortunate to design and write production programs with Microsoft Visual Basic that are currently in use at several Fortune 500 companies in the United States. I also teach, hire, and manage technical professionals, which has given me insight into the minds of many Visual Basic programmers. In my university classes, I have seen over and over those aspects of programming with Visual Basic that make sense to programmers, as well as areas such as object-oriented programming that some programmers find a bit confusing. Coding Techniques for Microsoft Visual Basic .NET will take you to the next level of programming, lifting the veils from the areas of programming you're unsure of while enhancing your knowledge of the areas that you already work with every day.