Appendix A. NetWare 6 Certification

Appendix A. NetWare 6 Certification

In a world in which people, businesses, organizations, governments, and nations are being connected and sharing information at a dizzying rate, Novell's primary goal is to be the framework that connects people with one 'Net service worldwide.

To help fulfill this goal, Novell Education has been providing quality education programs for more than 15 years. By itself, the Novell Education department isn't nearly large enough to provide high-quality training to the vast number of people who require it. Therefore, Novell Education has developed training partnerships throughout the world that provide authorized training. In addition, Novell Education has created certification programs to help ensure that the standard for networking skills is maintained at a high level.

Today, Novell has more than 500 authorized education partners worldwide, including colleges, universities, professional training centers, e-Learning companies, and so on. This appendix describes Novell Education and its four major NetWare 6 certifications: CNA, CNE, Master CNE, and CDE. It also provides some practical tips, such as alternatives to formal classes, finding out how to take the test, and where to go from here.

Novell Certification

Each year, Novell certifies thousands of IT professionals all over the world. In fact, Novell pioneered the IT certification market more than 15 years ago with its groundbreaking CNE certification. Novell has made another pioneering move with the introduction of the new NetWare 6 certification program.

Novell Education has created a radical new program architecture for their four key certifications: CNA (Certified Novell Administrator), CNE (Certified Novell Engineer), Master CNE, and CDE (Certified Directory Engineer). This new architecture is the result of 40,000 JTA (Job Task Analysis) surveys. So what did Novell learn? Four things:

  • IT certifications shouldn't have electives.

  • IT certifications should be role based.

  • IT certifications should measure skills competency.

  • IT certification requirements should be simple!

What follows is a detailed look at Novell's new NetWare 6 certification architecture. If you want to learn more about the various types of certifications available, you should check out

NetWare 6 CNA Certification

Novell's new industry-based certifications kick-off with nine days worth of material in a course entitled, "Foundations of Novell Networking." Each day covers one of the following nine core fields of IT knowledge: security, LAN/WAN, client server, storage/backup, eDirectory, email, printing, web services, and Internet infrastructure. Fortunately, the NetWare 6 CNA course is only five days long, with an additional four days of material on the web. What a start!

If you are new to the Novell certification process, you may find that the NetWare 6 CNA certification is the right one for you. This certification track consists of one course and one exam. Table A.1 lists the latest course and associated exam number that were valid as of the writing of this study guide.

Table A.1. NetWare 6 CNA Exam Requirements




Course 3001

Foundations of Novell Networking

Exam 50-677

NetWare 6 CNE Certification

Once you become a CNA, you can go for prime time. The new NetWare 6 CNE certification consists of five required courses. The most notable change in architecture is the elimination of two Novell Education mainstays: Service & Support and Networking Technologies. All this knowledge has been integrated into the other CNA/CNE courses.

Becoming a CNE could be the single most important career move you make. Consider these facts from IDC Corporation:

  • CNEs are more productive and enjoy a higher level of job satisfaction.

  • CNEs improve overall network efficiency in multiple OS network environments.

  • CNEs ensure increased server up-time for higher network availability.

  • CNEs help reduce the operating costs and complexity associated with managing cross-platform environments.

  • Companies know these facts and prefer to hire CNEs.

If you're looking for a more comprehensive certification, you may find that the NetWare 6 CNE certification is the right one for you. This certification track consists of five courses and five required exams. (You'll notice that one of the required courses, Course 3001, is also a requirement for the CNA certification.) All five courses are preselected for you; there are no electives. Table A.2 lists the latest courses and exam numbers.

Table A.2. NetWare 6 CNE Exam Requirements




Course 3001

Foundations of Novell Networking (CNA)

Exam 50-677

Course 3004

Novell Network Management: NetWare 6

Exam 50-681

Course 3005

Advanced Novell Network Management: NetWare 6

Exam 50-682 In Development

Course 575

Novell eDirectory Design and Implementation

Exam 50-664

Course 781

Managing Desktops with ZENworks for Desktops 3

Exam 50-662

While you are working toward your certification, it's important that you always have access to an up-to-date version of the certification track relating to the certification you are interested in. If you plan to obtain a NetWare 6 CNA certification, check out the CNA Certification Track at If you are interested in the NetWare 6 CNE certification, check out the various CNE Certification Tracks at