Commercial Print Setup

Commercial Print Setup

If you're sending out pages for printing, you'll want to check the colors, as well as potentially set up the document for a DocuTech.

Setting Up Pages for DocuTech 135 Signature Printing

If you're producing bound documents through a print shop, and the print shop has a Xerox DocuTech 135 printing machine, here's a trick that can ultimately save paper, give you a standard book size, and potentially reduce the time it takes to print and bind documents.

Using this trick only if it's acceptable that your bound documents be 7 inches wide by 8.5 inches tall (legal-size paper turned landscape and either cut in half or folded).

This trick also involves printing the document to a PostScript file. See Considerations for Printing to PostScript or PDF on page 77.

If you really want to impress the folks at the print shop, make your total page count divisible by 4.

  1. Create left and right page styles using the Letter 8.5 x 11 in page format with Portrait orientation (Page Style window, Page tab).

  2. Set the left and right page margins to the settings shown in Figure 4-51.

    Figure 4-51. Setting left/right page margins for DocuTech signature printing


  3. Print the document to a PostScript file using your PostScript printer driver.

  4. Give the file to the print shop, and tell them you want it printed in one of the following ways:

    • Signature using legal-size paper; saddle - stitch binding. (This means folded in half and bound on the fold. Only use this if your document is less than 100 pages.)

    • Signature using legal-size paper; two-up binding (cut in half). (For spiral binding or perfect binding.)

Setting Up Colors for Commercial Printing

If you'll be printing high-quality color copies of a document, you should probably switch color models from RGB (red-green-blue, the model used by your monitor) to CMYK (cyan- magenta -yellow-black, the model used by commercial printers). Both palettes are included in the program, though RGB is the default. Here's how to switch to CMYK.

  1. Choose Format > Area.

  2. In the Area window, click the Colors tab.

  3. Click Open.

  4. Select CMYK from the Color sample list.

  5. Click the Load Color List icon.

  6. In the config folder, select the cmyk.soc file and click Open.

  7. Assign CMYK colors to the document.

Print Warning Setup

The program provides you with some of the most amazing options. We like the first one best. But hey, at least you can control the features.

Determining Whether Printing a Document Means Your Document Has Changed and Needs Saving

Ever bring up a document, touch nothing in it, print it, and get prompted to save it when you close it? Well, you can turn that off if you want. Choose Tools > Options > program > General and unmark the option titled Printing Sets Document Modified Status.

Managing Print Warnings

If your document doesn't match some of the restrictions or parameters for printing, the occasional warning will appear.

Setting Up Paper Size and Orientation Notifications

You can choose whether an error message should pop up when your document settings and printer settings don't match. You can have a warning for neither , one or both. The warning window is covered in Selecting an Option in the Print Warning Window .

The warning window also appears if you don't have these options marked , when the paper size and orientation match but the image is just too big for the outputfor example, if you've drawn a rectangle that goes outside any of the page margins you've set for the document. But it doesn't hurt to have this additional level of protection; it can save you some frustration while you're finding out why your document isn't printing correctly.

  1. Choose Tools > Options > General > Print.

  2. Select the Paper size and/or Paper orientation options, then click OK.

    • Paper size (legal versus standard, for example) If the current printer does not have the required paper size for the document, an error message will appear.

    • Paper orientation (landscape versus portrait) If the printer cannot print using the orientation you've specified for the document, an error message will appear.

Selecting an Option in the Print Warning Window

If you set up the notification described in Setting Up Paper Size and Orientation Notifications, or if a slide won't fit the page setup options you've specified, the window in Figure 4-52 will appear when necessary.

Figure 4-52. Print Options warning window