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NetBackup by Veritas provides a high performance backup/restore solution that has the same functionality as its UNIX version. A key part of NetBackup's architecture is its ability to multiplex streams of backup data to a single tape, which results in maximum use of the tape drive. Another advantage of NetBackup is its ability to tune the backup/restore environment and use available system resources efficiently.

When configuring a NetBackup server, you should configure the server not only with ample physical memory, but also with fast and efficient network interface cards. NetBackup can easily achieve backup speeds of 7-8 MB/sec through the combination of memory tuning and its multiplexing functionality.

Another feature of NetBackup is its master/slave architecture, which reduces the amount of data being transmitted across the network and cuts backup and restore times. NetBackup can restore as little as a single file, and it can restore to a different directory or node when the original server is down and another is commissioned to replace it.

Server Recommendations

The most obvious requirement of NetBackup is the availability of physical memory. By configuring large blocks of physical memory, you can use NetBackup's functionality to tune memory and increase overall performance. Fast dual processors (300 MHz or faster) are also recommended to shorten database queries and updates.

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