Restrictions on Windows Small Business Server

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Because Windows Small Business Server is designed for smaller organizations— and because of its bargain price—you will face specific limits when working with the package. These limits are not recommendations; they’re boundaries that can’t be transcended.

A Single Domain Controller

All the components of Windows Small Business Server must be loaded on a single machine, the domain controller. You can have other servers such as file servers and print servers, but none of the components of Windows Small Business Server can be run on a computer other than the domain controller.

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Under the Hood

The Backup Domain Controller

Only one Windows Small Business Server installation is allowed per domain, but it is technically possible to have a backup domain controller (BDC) on a Windows Small Business Server network. A BDC running Windows Server 2003 provides load balancing and logon capability when the Windows Small Business Server machine is out of service.

You cannot transfer any of the Operation Master roles to the BDC.

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Because the server does so much work, you’ll need a powerful computer with lots of capacity on which to install Windows Small Business Server.

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Chapter 3 provides information about choosing suitable hardware for your network.


If you must have a component of Windows Small Business Server on a separate computer, you can purchase a license for, say, Exchange Server or SQL Server, and install it on a computer other than the domain controller. It will still integrate smoothly with Windows Small Business Server.

A Single Domain

Windows Small Business Server and its clients constitute a single domain. The domain is based on Active Directory, much like a Windows Server 2003 or Microsoft Windows 2000 Server domain, except that it cannot form trust relationships.

Client Limit

Windows Small Business Server comes with five client access licenses (CALs). You can purchase additional licenses up to a maximum of 75, though Windows Small Business Server is designed to work best with no more than 50 users/ devices.

The client limit shouldn’t restrict you except in the sense that 50 or more clients working off a single server is limiting. You are likely to want to change to a Windows Server 2003 network because of its ability to have multiple domain controllers long before you reach the client limit.

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