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ActionScript is the powerful programming language inside Macromedia Flash. Learning ActionScript is your key to taking your Flash movies to the next level. Fortunately, learning ActionScript is easy.

This book teaches you how to write programs in ActionScript. It is divided into 24 short lessons. Each lesson builds on the previous ones. By the time you are finished with this book, you will be able to use ActionScript to make your movies completely interactive.

The Sams Teach Yourself in 24 Hours books are designed to teach the fundamentals of a topic from the ground up even if you have little or no experience in the topic. The books are for readers who want to learn the subject quickly. They use the tutorial method with plenty of examples and step-by-step instructions.

Sams Teach Yourself Flash MX ActionScript in 24 Hours quickly introduces you to the fundamentals of ActionScript. You don't need to know anything about ActionScript beforehand, but you should already know the basics of Flash drawing and animation. Most lessons include tasks that take you through building a small Flash movie that demonstrates a concept. By reading the material, you will learn ActionScript, and doing the tasks will reinforce what you have learned.

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Sams Teach Yourself Flash MX ActionScript in 24 Hours
Sams Teach Yourself Flash MX ActionScript in 24 Hours
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