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You've done the hardest work by creating the first sequence for this chapter's final movie. What's left is to create a master composition that contains the sequence you created and then add the two remaining sequences: the second sequence is a piece of footage of the Saleen car's exterior, and the third is the Saleen logo and slogan. To complete these remaining elements, follow these steps:


Create a new Master composition that's 15 seconds long. Add the Saleen_Car_08.avi footage to the Master comp starting at time 4;00, fading it in from 0 to 100% Opacity from time 4;00 to time 6;00. Fade the layer out from time 9;00 to time 11;00.


Add the Saleen_logo_layers.psd footage to the Master Timeline at time 7;00, and animate the layer's Scale from 85, 85% at time 7;00 to 300, 300% at time 14;29. Fade in the layer from 0 to 100% Opacity from time 7;00 to time 8;15.


Duplicate the layer. Apply the Box Blur effect to the lower logo layer, and set the effect's Blur Radius to 21.0.


Change the Scale of the top logo layer to 100%. Apply the Drop Shadow effect to the layer, and set the effect's Opacity to 85%, Distance to 10, and Softness to 7.


To animate the slogan into the scene, create a text layer with Text Size 28px that displays THE DRIVE OF YOUR LIFE. Apply the Random Shuffle In text animation preset (from the Animate In category) and the Drop Shadow effect to the layer.

If you'd like to take this project even further, try this:

  • Create three small light reflections by using Light layers or Solid layers with the Lens Flare effect. Parent the layers to the motion tracked layers.

  • Apply the Hue/Saturation effect to all the video footage, and use the effect's Colorize option to make all the footage monochromatic.

  • Apply the Bulge effect to the masked layers to distort the images to suggest the shape of the glass on the car gauges.

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