Best Practices

Administration of Project Server 2003 is a critical function and requires not only application knowledge but also project management and organizational process knowledge. The following best practices will minimize problems and simplify maintenance of the system:

  • Restrict Project Server administration functions to trained users who understand the consequences of their changes.

  • Set all the Account Creation features in Server Configuration to Deny.

  • Remove unused features from the PWA interface through server configuration/group permissions. For example, if you are not using the Delegate Task feature on the Tasks page, Deny that permission in the Server Configuration permissions area.

  • Create resource administration processes to include step-by-step procedures for adding, modifying, and deleting a resource.

  • Set the availability from date to date of hire when adding resources to the Enterprise Resource Pool.

  • Remove views that your organization will not want to use from all categories.

  • Create basic views with custom fields and allow users to modify and save links instead of creating multiple views with the same information. Users can Save Links in the Project Center and Resource Center of PWA.

  • Document the baseline configuration and implement strict configuration control processes for the application to ensure changes are well managed and communicated to the users.

  • Create a data retention policy and perform database cleanup using these rules.

  • Keep it simple and always keep maintainability in mind.

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