Quick Reference: Paragraphs and Fonts

This chapter has focused on both text elements and font control with inline styles. The following reference chart will help you remember what you have learned. Why not try creating a new page and adding some styles to reinforce what you have learned thus far?

To Do This

Use This

Create a line break

<br />

Create a paragraph

<p> </p>

Add a horizontal rule

<hr />

Identify a short quotation

<q> </q>

(Not all browsers support this element)

Set off a long quotation

<blockquote> </blockquote>

Insert quotation marks


Apply an inline style

style="property: value"

Set font size (inline style)

style="font-size: value"

Set font color (inline style)

style="color: value"

Select font (inline style)

style="font-family: value"

Create italics (inline style)

style="font-style: italic"

Create bold text (inline style)

style="font-weight: bold"

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