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padding, meaning of term
parametric estimating 2nd 3rd
Parkinson's Law 2nd
Patton, [General] George, on communication 2nd
people management [See also human resource management.]
     tips for
people, importance in project management
performance measurement
performance reporting 2nd
     key idea
     outputs 2nd
     PMI definition
     tools and techniques for 2nd
performing organization
PERT, acronym explained
PERT charts 2nd 3rd
PERT distribution
PERT estimating technique
phasing [See project phase(s).]
plan, activity definition (process) 2nd 3rd
plan purchases and acquisitions (process) 2nd
plan do check act cycle 2nd
plan then do principle 2nd
planned versus actuals report
     with durations and dates, example
     how to do
planning assumptions, documenting and communicating 2nd
planning package (for activity decomposition)
planning processes
     activity definition (process) 2nd 3rd
     activity duration estimating (process) 2nd
     activity resource estimating (process) 2nd
     activity sequencing (process) 2nd
     communications planning (process) 2nd
     contracts planning (process) 2nd 3rd
     cost budgeting (process)
     cost estimating (process)
     deliverables/outputs from 2nd
     human resource planning (process) 2nd
     interconnections with other process groups 2nd
     meaning of term
     people involved
     PMI definition
     project plan development (process) 2nd 3rd
     purchases/acquisitions planning (process) 2nd 3rd
     qualitative risk analysis (process) 2nd
     quality planning (process) 2nd
     quantitative risk analysis (process) 2nd
     risk identification (process) 2nd
     risk management planning (process) 2nd
     risk response planning (process) 2nd
     schedule development (process) 2nd
     scope definition (process) 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
     scope planning (process) 2nd 3rd 4th
     work breakdown structure creation (process) 2nd
PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) 2nd
PMI (Project Management Institute)
     Body of Knowledge 2nd
     CAPM (Certified Associate Project Management) 2nd
         examination structure
     code of professional conduct 2nd
     credential examinations
         examples of questions
         preparing for and sitting
     credentials offered by
         choice between PMP and CAPM
     PMP (Project Management Professional) 2nd
         credential examination 2nd 3rd
     and professional responsibility
PMP (Project Management Professional) [See PMI (Project Management Institute).]
politics, need to understand
portfolio of project [See programme.]
pre-assignment technique
precedence diagramming method 2nd
preliminary project scope statement 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
'prepare plan do review' approach to project management
preventive actions 2nd 3rd
     PMI definition
PRINCE2 project management methodology
     project initiation document (PID) 2nd 3rd
     project lifecycle model
process based organizations
     implications for project management 2nd
process groups
     closing processes 2nd 3rd
     executing processes 2nd 3rd
     how to use
     initiating processes 2nd 3rd
     monitoring and controlling processes 2nd 3rd
     planning processes 2nd 3rd
     PMI definition
     and project phases
processes [See also process groups.]
     examples 2nd
     features 2nd
     integration management 2nd 3rd 4th
     PMI definition
     and projects
     scope management 2nd
     critical factors
         personal relationships
     IT procurement 2nd
     project manager's role
procurement agreement/contract, specifications and details in 2nd
procurement management 2nd
     documents required as input
     meaning of term
     PMI definition
     processes used 2nd 3rd
     sequence of processes and activities 2nd 3rd
     significance in project management
procurement staff, project manager's relationship with 2nd
product analysis
product breakdown structure (PBS)
product lifecycles, and project lifecycles
product scope
productivity rate
     compared with other businesses
professional code of conduct 2nd
professional responsibility
     business case for
     meaning of term
     PMI and
programme board 2nd
programme management, and project management
programme management office 2nd 3rd
     PMI definition
programmes, and projects
progress reporting
project board [See project steering committee.]
project brief [See project charter.]
project calendar 2nd
project charter 2nd 3rd 4th
     as control-and-approval device
     development (process) 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
         Tadley revenue project
         Whitby internal project
     features 2nd 3rd
     information in 2nd
     and interfacing
     PMI definition
     reason for importance 2nd
     template for
project closure (process) 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
     PMI definition
project communications management 2nd [See also communications management.]
project cost management 2nd [See also cost management.]
project human resource management 2nd [See also human resource management.]
project initiation [See also initiating processes.]
     factors affecting
project initiation document (PID) 2nd 3rd 4th [See also project charter.]
project integration management 2nd 3rd 4th [See also integration management.]
     meaning of term
     PMI definition
     processes used
project lifecycle(s) 2nd
     models 2nd
         business process re-engineering
         CADMID cycle
         simple model 2nd
         spiral development
     PMI definition
     and product lifecycle(s)
     and project phase(s) 2nd
project management
     common-sense sense approach
     as distinct management skill
     emerging standards for
     knowledge areas
         communications management 2nd
         cost management 2nd
         human resource management 2nd
         integration management 2nd
         procurement management 2nd
         quality management 2nd
         risk management 2nd
         scope management 2nd
         time management 2nd
     meaning of term 2nd
     and programme management
     standard methodology
project management information system (PMIS) 2nd 3rd
     PMI definition
project management methodology 2nd
project management office 2nd
     compared with project office
     PMI definition
project management processes 2nd 3rd [See also process groups.]
     and project lifecycle
project management system
     case study (on 'how not to do it')
     PMI definition
project manager 2nd
     abilities required
     methodologies used by
     problems faced in job
project office, compared with project management office
project organization and roles
project performance appraisals
project phase(s)
     in cost and risk control
     milestones/stage gates
     PMI definition
     and project lifecycle(s) 2nd
     and project process groups
     sequence of work
project plan 2nd 3rd 4th
     consequences of changes
     development of 2nd 3rd
     Gantt chart as part of 2nd 3rd
     as input in quality management
     as input in time management processes 2nd 3rd 4th
     meaning of term
     updates 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
project planning methodology
project process groups, PMI definition
project procurement management 2nd [See also procurement management.]
     PMI definition
project quality management 2nd [See also quality management.]
project risk management 2nd [See also risk management.]
     PMI definition
project schedule network diagrams
project scope
project scope management 2nd [See also scope management.]
     meaning of term
     PMI definition
     processes used 2nd
     sequence of processes and activities
project scope statement 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
     preliminary 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
project selection methods 2nd 3rd
project status report 2nd
project steering committee 2nd
project team acquisition (process) 2nd
     inputs 2nd
     outputs 2nd
     tools and techniques for 2nd
project team development (process) 2nd
     outputs 2nd
     tools and techniques for 2nd
project team management 2nd 3rd
     gaining and maintaining authority
     maintaining authority after mistake
     outputs 2nd
     personal work styles
     responsibility boundaries
     selection of team members
     tools and techniques for
project team members 2nd
     PMI definition
     selection of
     skills matrix
project time management 2nd [See also time management.]
     processes used
projectized organizations
     implications for project management
     as activity class
     definitions 2nd 3rd
     and processes
     and programmes
public sector organization, case study
published estimating data

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