Section 16.3. Other Desktop Telephony Software

16.3. Other Desktop Telephony Software

16.3.1. Call Soft Pro

This application provides basic voice mail/answering machine functionality on a Windows host. It also allows its users some remote control of the PC from the telephone when they call in. Call Soft Pro is made by TOSC and is available from

16.3.2. CallerID

Using Soft-Haus Solutions CallerID, users can use named party ID (caller ID) to trigger a custom WAV file playback for each caller or display a GIF or JPEG avatar for each caller on a Windows PC (

16.3.3. GeckoPhone

GeckoPhone is a combination softphone and voice mail server for Windows. It is skinnable and has a base of supportive users (

16.3.4. FaxMachine

Nico Cuppen's Windows software, FaxMachine, turns your PC with scanner, printer, and modem into a fax machine with queuing and on-screen previewing. This no-frills software has a very simple interface (

16.3.5. FaxStatus (Mac)

This application shows a menu bar icon that indicates the current status of the OS X Panther fax servicei.e., whether it's sending or receiving. You can download it from info .php/id/15377.

16.3.6. PhoneValet (Mac)

Parliant Software's commercial PhoneValet application gives Mac OS X users voice mail, call logging, call recording, and limited remote control of the Mac using a telephone. PhoneValet requires an included USB adapter that allows connection of a POTS line to the Mac (

16.3.7. Voicent Gateway

Voicent's Gateway application for Windows allows you to create IVR applications that can be tied to web sites. Gateway has limited voice recognition in addition to DTMF recognition (

16.3.8. SpeechSoft

This commercial package includes scriptable IVR, fax, and basic call-routing abilities . It requires Intel Dialogic interface hardware running on a Windows PC (

Switching to VoIP
Switching to VoIP
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