Differences between LDAP (v2) and LDAP (v3)

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This section identifies the most significant differences between LDAP (v2) and LDAP (v3). The points listed here appear throughout this book when we discuss the corresponding arguments. The following items are supported by LDAP (v3) and are absent in LDAP (v2):

  • Directory server entries (DSE) provide information, including the versions of the LDAP protocol supported, a list of the controls, extended operations, and SASL (simple authentication and security layer) mechanisms supported by the server. They also define the naming contexts of the server, i.e., they specify the portion of the directory tree managed by the server.

  • The DSEs also allow publishing of the directory information tree (DIT), making it possible for the client to see the directory tree and adapt its behavior to the information contained in the tree.

  • The modifyDN function can move an entry inside the DIT.

  • The user can specify controls (both on the server and on the client) that extend the functionality of an LDAP operation.

  • The user can request the server to perform extended operations (beyond the standard LDAP operations).

  • Attribute values and distinguished names have been internationalized through the use of the ISO 10,646-character set.

  • Most protocol data elements can be encoded as ordinary strings (e.g., distinguished names).

  • SASL mechanisms can be used with LDAP to provide associated security services.

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The ABCs of LDAP: How to Install, Run, and Administer LDAP Services
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