Applying Fontwork

The Fontwork tool lets you take ordinary text and manipulate it in various ways, such as making it follow specific curved paths. It can be found on the Format menu and takes the form of a floating palette, as shown in Figure 26-4.

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Figure 26-4. The Fontwork tool can help bring some special effects to your presentations.

Fontwork can be applied to any existing text box or a new one you draw. At the top of the palette, you can select the path you want the text to follow. Don't worry about the angle of the curve, because you can alter that later. Once you click a path, the text will change instantly.

After this, you can set the profile you wish the text to use. The text itself can be made to slant while following the path or, if the path is vertical, can be made to align itself so it's upright.

The Fontwork palette also includes buttons for setting a shadow effect. You can control the color of the shadow, as well as its distance away from the text.

By clicking and dragging the text box, it can be further manipulated. For example, by shrinking the box, you can make the angle between the start and the end of the path more acute. Fontwork allows the creation of some interesting effects. Experiment with it to see the results.

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