Object Names Used in This Chapter

All scripts and programs discussed below have been debugged in a test environment. You must replace the string values in the listings with values relevant to your network environment. Here are some "tunable" parameters:

  • DC=net,DC=dom — the distinguished name of the forest root domain net.dom (which has the child domain subdom.net.dom)

  • NET — the NetBIOS (pre-Windows 2000) name of the domain

  • NET-site — name of the site where domain net.dom is located

  • NETDCI — the NetBIOS (pre-Windows 2000) name of the domain controller netdc1.net.dom

  • Staff — a sample organizational unit (OU)

  • administrator — a SAM account name with administrative privileges

  • psw, newpsw — a password


If two or more lines in the scripts or programs presented in this chapter are split with this symbol (due to limitations of the page width), they must be treated as a single line (statement).

Windows  .NET Domains & Active Directory
Windows .NET Server 2003 Domains & Active Directory
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