The Open Source Software movement continues to shape the dynamics of the computer software industry as it has for the last decade. At the center of the Open Source Software is Linuxan operating system whose rapid growth is changing the world's perception of open source.

Strong backing by companies, such as Novell, who provide Linux distributions (SUSE LINUX, Novell Linux Desktop) along with all the necessary services and support functions, help make Linux an acceptable operating system choice for businesses. As a consequence, corporations are beginning to make significant movements to incorporate Linux into their business-critical computing systems. With the advent of the Novell Linux Desktop and other desktop offerings, Linux will also grow in the end-user desktop environment.

As the Linux operating system becomes more prevalent in back-end server and desktop systems, companies will need better management systems to reduce the cost of Linux ownership. Companies cannot tolerate the high level of manual and complex tasks that are required to manage Linux systems. It is inefficient and costly to spend resources on doing mundane tasks such as hauling mounds of CDs around to install applications on users' computers, re-installing operating systems, searching for all those dependent RPMs, or trying to figure out where the Linux assets are.

ZENworks provides a management solution with a proven record of reducing the total cost of ownership. ZENworks helps you manage your systems through their entire life cycle. With ZENworks, the system automatically tracks assets; delivers applications; keeps your laptops, workstations, and servers up to date on the latest approved patches; and finds all of those dependent RPMs. ZENworks even delivers images to those systems that need restoring or upgrading. ZENworks includes remote management capabilities to help you diagnose and control computers in your WAN or across the Internet.

ZENworks delivers all these features into your enterprise regardless of your preferred platform. ZENworks can function in a Windows-only environment or mixed environments, including Windows, NetWare, and Linux.

This book is about installing and getting ZENworks Linux Management working in your environment, from small to enterprise levels. We try to point out all the tips and "gotchas" to watch for to make your installation and deployment of ZENworks Linux Management a success.

We thank you for purchasing this book and hope that it is useful to you.

Novell ZENworks 7 Linux Management Administrator's Handbook
Novell ZENworks 7 Linux Management Administrators Handbook
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