Chapter 23. Files

    Recipe 23.0.  Introduction

    Recipe 23.1.  Creating or Opening a Local File

    Recipe 23.2.  Creating a Temporary File

    Recipe 23.3.  Opening a Remote File

    Recipe 23.4.  Reading from Standard Input

    Recipe 23.5.  Reading a File into a String

    Recipe 23.6.  Counting Lines, Paragraphs, or Records in a File

    Recipe 23.7.  Processing Every Word in a File

    Recipe 23.8.  Picking a Random Line from a File

    Recipe 23.9.  Randomizing All Lines in a File

    Recipe 23.10.  Processing Variable-Length Text Fields

    Recipe 23.11.  Reading Configuration Files

    Recipe 23.12.  Modifying a File in Place Without a Temporary File

    Recipe 23.13.  Flushing Output to a File

    Recipe 23.14.  Writing to Standard Output

    Recipe 23.15.  Writing to Many Filehandles Simultaneously

    Recipe 23.16.  Escaping Shell Metacharacters

    Recipe 23.17.  Passing Input to a Program

    Recipe 23.18.  Reading Standard Output from a Program

    Recipe 23.19.  Reading Standard Error from a Program

    Recipe 23.20.  Locking a File

    Recipe 23.21.  Reading and Writing Custom File Types

    Recipe 23.22.  Reading and Writing Compressed Files

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