Chapter 7: The String and Character Functions

vscanf, vfscanf, and vsscanf

#include <stdarg.h>#include <stdio.h> int vscanf(char * restrict format, va_list arg_ptr); int vfscanf(FILE * restrict stream, const char * restrict format,             va_list arg_ptr); int vsscanf(char * restrict buf, const char * restrict format,             va_list arg_ptr);

These functions were added by C99.

The functions vscanf( ), vfscanf( ), and vsscanf( ) are functionally equivalent to scanf( ), fscanf( ), and sscanf( ), respectively, except that the argument list has been replaced by a pointer to a list of arguments. This pointer must be of type va_list, which is defined in the header <stdarg.h>.

Related functions are vprintf( ), vfprintf( ), vsprintf( ), va_arg( ), va_start( ), and va_end( ).

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