Part V: Testing

Part V: Testing

When implementing a world-ready design and development process, all changes and decisions you make from beginning to end will need to fit into the framework of world-readiness. Since testing will also need to adhere to these concepts, Part V, "Testing," focuses on issues fundamental to a world-ready approach to testing. You might think ascertaining whether applications are world-ready merely entails testing localized applications. Instead, testing must verify that world-ready criteria have been met throughout the entire design and development process, from the earliest stages onward. Chapter 11, "Testing for World-Readiness," discusses the importance of globalizing the test process, while also looking at the problems associated with test processes that aren't world-ready. The chapter helps you address these issues by providing practical solutions, such as by showing you how to globalize the test process. You'll also see how to detect specific areas of functionality that might have globalization problems, and learn how best to conduct localizability testing and localized testing.

At the end of Chapter 11, you'll find "Sample International Test Cases." This list (though not all-inclusive) breaks up test items into basic areas of functionality. It shows you how to verify these areas of functionality, tells what the potential problems associated with certain areas are, and pinpoints the circumstances in which you would conduct a particular test.

Chapter 12, "Testing Localizability with Pseudo-Localization," expands on the role of pseudo-localization within localizability testing, introduced in Chapter 11. In addition, the chapter gives examples of common localizability bugs and lists some of the features associated with pseudo-localization-including translation of text resources and text-length extension. Also discussed are pseudo-localization of graphics and audio, and of Help files and Web content. Finally, the chapter examines pseudo-mirroring for bidirectional (BiDi) languages.

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