3. A Guided Tour Through C: Part I



You will learn about the following in this chapter:

  • The advantages of applying two important OOP concepts abstraction and encapsulation

  • Why the C# keywords public and private play an important role in implementing encapsulation

  • The basic C# elements needed to write simple C# applications

  • How to write a user interactive application using simple keyboard input and screen output

  • Single line comments and why comments are important in your source code

  • The special meaning of keywords

  • How to define the beginning and the end of a class and method body by using C#'s block construct

  • How to use C#'s if statement to make your program respond in different ways to different user input

  • The string class and its ability to let your programs store and process text

  • The special role played by the Main method

  • The static keyword and why Main must always be declared public and static

  • How to use variables

  • How to call a method and thereby use its functionality

  • Several useful classes from the .NET Framework class libraries and how to reuse these in the C# source code

  • Statements in C# the declaration, assignment, method call, and if statements

  • General C# concepts based on the knowledge gained from the C# source code example

  • How to access and use the .NET Framework Documentation so you can explore and reuse the .NET Framework's comprehensive collection of classes


C# Primer Plus
C Primer Plus (5th Edition)
ISBN: 0672326965
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2000
Pages: 286
Authors: Stephen Prata

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