Chapter 13. Logic Programming

Building Parsers with Java
By Steven  John  Metsker

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This book aims to show that you can create computer languages that differ radically from Java. Toward that end, Chapter 14 shows how to create a parser for a logic language. However, this book does not assume that you are familiar with logic programming. It is probably impossible to understand how to parse a logic programming language if you do not understand logic programming, so this chapter provides a rapid introduction to logic programming, using Logikus, a logic programming language developed for this book.

This chapter covers many of the same topics as Chapter 12, "Engines," but does not assume that you have read that chapter. This repetition stems from the fact that Logikus is essentially an interface to the logic engine. If you have read Chapter 12, you can skim sections of this chapter that appear redundant.

Logic programming lets you concentrate on modeling the relations between objects instead of on modeling the objects themselves . This difference in focus results in logic programming having strengths that are different from (and in fact orthogonal to) object-oriented languages such as Java.


Building Parsers with Java
Building Parsers With Javaв„ў
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