List of Sidebars

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Project

What Can a Scheduling Engine Do for You?
Project Management Focus: Project Is Part of a Larger Picture
“A Database That Knows About Time”

Chapter 2: Creating a Task List

Project Management Focus: Defining the Right Tasks for the Right Deliverable
Project Management Focus: How Do You Come Up with Accurate Task Durations?
Project Management Focus: Top-Down and Bottom-Up Planning

Chapter 3: Setting Up Resources

What Is the Best Way to Enter Resource Names?
Comparing Work and Material Resources
Project Management Focus: Getting Resource Cost Information

Chapter 4: Assigning Resources to Tasks

The Scheduling Formula: Duration, Units, and Work
Project Management Focus: When Should Effort-Driven Scheduling Apply?

Chapter 6: Tracking Progress on Tasks

Project Management Focus: Is the Project on Track?

Chapter 7: Fine-Tuning Task Details

Task Types and Effort-Driven Scheduling

Chapter 9: Fine-Tuning the Project Plan

Project Management Focus: Evaluating Resource Allocation

Chapter 11: Printing Project Information

Project Management Focus: Communicating with Stakeholders

Chapter 13: Sharing Project Information with Other Programs

Working with Project File Formats
Charting Data in Excel with the Analyze Timescaled Data Wizard

Chapter 14: Tracking Progress on Tasks and Assignments

Saving Interim Plans
Manually Entering Actual Costs
Project Management Focus: Collecting Actuals from Resources

Chapter 15: Viewing and Reporting Project Status

Project Management Focus: Getting the Word Out
Project Management Focus: What About All Those Other Costs?

Chapter 19: Measuring Performance with Earned Value Analysis

Changing How Project Calculates Earned Value Numbers

Chapter 20: Consolidating Projects and Resources

Creating a Dedicated Resource Pool

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