Gantt Chart view

A predefined view in Project consisting of a table (the Entry table by default) on the left and a graphical bar chart on the right that shows the project plan over time.

generic resource

When using a Project Server–based enterprise project management system, a special type of resource that can describe the expected skills of a specific type of work resource. Project managers can plan with generic resources and then replace them with work resources based on matching skills (and other factors).

ghost task

A task that represents a link from one Project plan to another. Ghost tasks appear as gray bars.

Global template

A Project template named Global.mpt that contains the default views, tables, filters, and other items that Project uses.


A way to reorder task or resource information in a table and display summary values for each group. You can specify several levels of groups. (The term group is also used to refer to the Resource Group field, which is unrelated.)

Group field

A field in which you can specify a group name (such as a department) with which you want to associate a resource. If you organize resources into groups, you can sort, filter, or group resources by group.

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