Change the Questions Periodically

The advantage of asking the same questions all of the time is that you have a consistent yardstick to evaluate how you are doing. The advantage of changing the questions is that you can receive different information, which can be very informative. You can also ask questions you previously had not thought necessary to ask or didn't have room to ask. Our best advice is to be consistent in your evaluation questions until you get relatively consistent feedback. Then consider varying the questions from time to time to see if you can elicit different feedback on different aspects of both your content and your style.

Send copies of the evaluations to the participants. Whenever possible, we send directly or ask the organizer to send participants copies of the evaluations to reinforce the learning and to show the participants that we take their remarks seriously. A copy of the letter we use is reproduced in Figure 7-9.

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We have enclosed the evaluations from The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters course as an attachment to this document. We were pleased with how hard the participants worked at mastering the material. We ask that a copy of these evaluations be sent to each participant as it helps to reinforce what was learned during the presentation and it also demonstrates that we take their feedback seriously.

Lastly, we must tell you that we are impressed with the professionalism of the participants and the feedback they gave us for improving the course.

Thanks again for all of your help.


Brad McRae/David Brooks

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Figure 7-9

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