SetVar( )

SetVar( ) Sets a variable to the specified value

 SetVar(   n   =   value   ) 

Sets the variable n to the specified value . If the variable name is prefixed with _ , single inheritance is assumed. If the variable name is prefixed with _ _ , infinite inheritance is assumed. Inheritance is used when you want the outgoing channel to inherit the variable from the dialplan. Reprecated in favor of Set() , which has the same syntax.

Variables set with this application are valid only in the current channel. Use the SetGlobalVar( ) application to set global variables.

 ; set a variable called DIALTIME, then use it  exten => 123,1,SetVar(DIALTIME=20)  exten => 123,1,Dial(Zap/4/5551212,,${DIALTIME}) 

See Also

SetGlobalVar( ) , README.variables

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