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Most important, I acknowledge the love of my life, Lisa. To my kids who put up with my absence way too often I think, they must be acknowledged for this sacrifice.

Thanks to the great folks at McGraw-Hill/Osborne's Oracle Press who put up with me and Oracle's beta cycle. You have not lived until you have worked on the beta version of some product and tried to write on it knowing fully well that it's probably going to change by the time you are done writing about it! The folks at Oracle Press stuck it out, waiting to publish this book until after the product actually came out in its final form and the content could be updated. So thank yous go out to Lisa McClain, Athena Honore, Janet Walden, Bill McManus, and Osborne's production department.

A special thanks to Mark Townsend, who served as the Oracle sponsor for this book.

Thanks to Pete Sharman, my technical editor—great job Pete! Pete is a wizzo of an Oracle employee!

Thanks to Jonathan Lewis, who not only added some great insights into the book, but also served as a second technical editor too. Thanks Jonathan!

Krishna Kakatur came to the rescue with Chapter 9 and its OEM content. He did a great job on short notice. Thanks Krishna!

Also, I'd like to acknowledge the good folks that I work with at TUSC. There are just so many of these guys that I dare not name them for fear of missing a name here or there and hurting feelings. I can say that without a doubt there is some incredible talent at TUSC, and I'm happy to be associated with it. Also, thanks to all the clients I've met over the past year at TUSC—I learn much from you!


Oracle Database 10g New Features
Oracle Database 10g New Features (Osborne ORACLE Press Series)
ISBN: 0072229470
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 80

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