List of Listings

Chapter 2: Managed C++ Basics

Listing 2-1: Integer Types in Action
Listing 2-2: Floating-Point Types in Action
Listing 2-3: Decimal Types in Action
Listing 2-4: Boolean Type in Action
Listing 2-5: Char Type in Action
Listing 2-6: String Type in Action
Listing 2-7: Enums in Action
Listing 2-8: Struct in Action
Listing 2-9: Managed C++ Arrays in Action
Listing 2-10: Numeric Literals in Action
Listing 2-11: Boolean Literals in Action
Listing 2-12: Character Literals in Action
Listing 2-13: String Literals in Action
Listing 2-14: Address of and Indirection Operators in Action
Listing 2-15: Parsing a Command Line

Chapter 3: Object-Oriented Managed C++

Listing 3-1: Inheritance in Action
Listing 3-2: __pin in Action
Listing 3-3: Pointers and References in Action
Listing 3-4: Member Methods in Action
Listing 3-5: Static Member Methods and Variables in Action
Listing 3-6: Virtual Methods in Action
Listing 3-7: Operator Overload in Action
Listing 3-8: Operator Overload for Mixed Data Types in Action
Listing 3-9: Scalar Properties in Action
Listing 3-10: Static Properties in Action
Listing 3-11: Array Properties in Action
Listing 3-12: Indexed Properties in Action
Listing 3-13: Indexed Properties in Action
Listing 3-14: Type Casting in Action
Listing 3-15: Abstract Classes in Action
Listing 3-16: Interfaces in Action

Chapter 4: Advanced Managed C++

Listing 4-1: Original #defined Code
Listing 4-2: Processed #defined Code
Listing 4-3: Card.h: Traditional Method
Listing 4-4: Card.cpp: Traditional Method
Listing 4-5: Deck.h: Traditional Method
Listing 4-6: Deck.cpp: Traditional Method
Listing 4-7: Cards.h: Assembly Method
Listing 4-8: Deck.h: Assembly Method
Listing 4-9: Cards.cpp: Assembly Method
Listing 4-10: PlayCards.cpp: Reference a User Assembly
Listing 4-11: CatchException.exe: Simple Exception Handling Example
Listing 4-12: ThrowDerived.exe: Throwing an Exception
Listing 4-13: RethrowException.exe: Rethrowing an Exception
Listing 4-14: MultiException.exe: Catching Multiple Exceptions
Listing 4-15: CatchAll.exe: Catching All Exceptions
Listing 4-16: Finally.exe: The Finally Block
Listing 4-17: Delegates.exe: Programming Delegates
Listing 4-18: Events.exe: Programming Events

Chapter 6: Visual Studio .NET Development

Listing 6-1: Cards.cpp: The Class Library Linker File
Listing 6-2: Initial Card.h File
Listing 6-3: Complete Card Class (.h) File
Listing 6-4: Complete Deck Class (.h) File
Listing 6-5: Class Template
Listing 6-6: Complete DeckPlayer.cpp File

Chapter 7: Collections

Listing 7-1: A Managed C++ foreach Statement
Listing 7-2: Working with ArrayLists
Listing 7-3: Working with BitArrays
Listing 7-4: Working with Hashtables and SortedLists
Listing 7-5: Working with Queues and Stacks
Listing 7-6: Working with ListDictionary
Listing 7-7: Working with StringCollection
Listing 7-8: Working with StringDictionary
Listing 7-9: Working with NameValueCollection

Chapter 8: Input, Output, and Serialization

Listing 8-1: Working with DirectoryInfo
Listing 8-2: Working with FileInfo
Listing 8-3: Working with a FileStream
Listing 8-4: Working with a MemoryStream
Listing 8-5: Working with a StreamWriter and a StreamReader
Listing 8-6: Working with a BinaryWriter and a BinaryReader
Listing 8-7: Making a Class Ready for Serialization
Listing 8-8: Serializing and Deserializing the Player Class
Listing 8-9: Serializing and Deserializing the Player Class Using SoapFormatter

Chapter 9: Basic Windows Forms Applications

Listing 9-1: The Default Form1.cpp
Listing 9-2: The Default Form1.h
Listing 9-3: Customizing Form1.h
Listing 9-4: Mouse Jump: Press a Mouse Button and See the Form Jump
Listing 9-5: The MightyLabel, an Implementation of the Uncommon Properties
Listing 9-6: The Code for "Way Too Many Buttons!"
Listing 9-7: The Code for "You Can't Check Me!"
Listing 9-8: The Code for an Array of Radio Buttons
Listing 9-9: The Code for Grouping RadioButtons
Listing 9-10: The Code for Disabling and Hiding Panels
Listing 9-11: Some TextBox Code
Listing 9-12: Implementing a Simple RTF Editor
Listing 9-13: Transferring Items Between ListBoxes
Listing 9-14: Synchronizing ComboBoxes
Listing 9-15: Splitting the CheckedListBox
Listing 9-16: The One-Minute Timer

Chapter 10: Advanced Windows Forms Applications

Listing 10-1: A ListView of Fruit
Listing 10-2: Random Tree Builder
Listing 10-3: A Simple TabControl
Listing 10-4: The Splitter Control
Listing 10-5: An Emotional Toolbar
Listing 10-6: Status Bar Display of x, y Coordinates
Listing 10-7: PictureBox of Shaina
Listing 10-8: The MonthCalendar Control
Listing 10-9: The ErrorProvider Control
Listing 10-10: The NotifyIcon Control
Listing 10-11: The Simplest Menu
Listing 10-12: A More Elaborate Menu
Listing 10-13: A Radio-Checked Menu
Listing 10-14: The MyDialog Class File
Listing 10-15: Implementing a Custom Dialog Box
Listing 10-16: Calling a Common ColorDialog

Chapter 11: Graphics using GDI+

Listing 11-1: "Hello, World!" GDI+ Style
Listing 11-2: "Hello, World!" Using OnPaint()
Listing 11-3: Placing the OnPaint Base Class Method
Listing 11-4: The Problem with Using CreateGraphics
Listing 11-5: Corrected Clipping Problem
Listing 11-6: Changing the Unit of Measure and the Origin
Listing 11-7: Intersection, Union, or Neither
Listing 11-8: Displaying a Region
Listing 11-9: Drawing a String to a Rectangle
Listing 11-10: Drawing Strings Downward in a Rectangle
Listing 11-11: Generating Random Fonts
Listing 11-12: Creating Some Random Lines
Listing 11-13: Filling with a TextureBrush
Listing 11-14: Stretching an Image
Listing 11-15: A Piece of Art
Listing 11-16: A Scrolling Happy Face
Listing 11-17: An Optimized Scrollable Happy Face
Listing 11-18: Sliding the Happy Face the Ugly Way
Listing 11-19: Sliding a Happy Face Double Buffer Style
Listing 11-20: Printing a Happy Face

Chapter 12: ADO.NET and Database Development

Listing 12-1: Getting Data from Two Tables
Listing 12-2: Default Stored Procedure Code
Listing 12-3: Setting the Parameters
Listing 12-4: InsertAuthor Stored Procedure
Listing 12-5: Connecting, Opening, and Closing a Database
Listing 12-6: The "Doors" Stories
Listing 12-7: Modifying the Database
Listing 12-8: Counting and Summing
Listing 12-9: Transactional Database Updates

Chapter 13: XML

Listing 13-1: An XML Monster File
Listing 13-2: Splitting the XML Monster File into Nodes
Listing 13-3: The Monsters.dtd File
Listing 13-4: The Monsters.xsd File
Listing 13-5: Validating the Monsters.xml File
Listing 13-6: Invalid Monsters.xml File
Listing 13-7: Programmatically Creating a Goblin
Listing 13-8: Updating the XML Monster File
Listing 13-9: Reading a DOM Tree Recursively
Listing 13-10: Updating the Monster DOM Tree
Listing 13-11: Adding a New Monster to the DOM Tree
Listing 13-12: Navigating a DOM Tree Using XPathNavigator
Listing 13-13: Dumping the DCV_DB Database to a ListBox Using XML

Chapter 14: Web Applications

Listing 14-1: The Default Managed C++ Web.config File
Listing 14-2: The Default Global.asax File
Listing 14-3: The Default Global.asax.h (Codebehind) File
Listing 14-4: HelloWorld ASP.NET Style
Listing 14-5: The HelloWorld Managed C++ Codebehind
Listing 14-6: The Linker File HelloWorld.cpp
Listing 14-7: The ASP.NET GUI Design File Color.aspx
Listing 14-8: The Codebehind Color.aspx.h
Listing 14-9: The ASP.NET GUI Design File Happy.aspx
Listing 14-10: The Codebehind Color.aspx.h
Listing 14-11: The ASP.NET GUI Design File ChangeColor.aspx
Listing 14-12: The Codebehind ChangeColor.aspx.h
Listing 14-13: The ASP.NET GUI Design File Buttons.aspx
Listing 14-14: The Codebehind Buttons.aspx.h
Listing 14-15: The ASP.NET GUI Design File Lists.aspx
Listing 14-16: The Codebehind Lists.aspx.h
Listing 14-17: The ASP.NET GUI Design File Tables.aspx
Listing 14-18: The Codebehind Tables.aspx.h
Listing 14-19: The ASP.NET GUI Design File Header.ascx
Listing 14-20: The Codebehind Header.ascx.h
Listing 14-21: The ASP.NET GUI Design File Blank.aspx Implementing a User Control
Listing 14-22: The ASP.NET GUI DESIGN FILE Blank2.aspx Implementing a User Control
Listing 14-23: The Codebehind Blank2.aspx.h
Listing 14-24: The ASP.NET GUI Design File ManyHeadings.aspx
Listing 14-25: The Codebehind ManyHeadings.aspx.h

Chapter 15: Web Services

Listing 15-1: FindZipCodeClass.cpp
Listing 15-2: FindZipCodeClass.asmx
Listing 15-3: FindZipCodeClass.h
Listing 15-4: FindZipCode's WSDL
Listing 15-5: FindZipCode's Request SOAP Wrapper
Listing 15-6: FindZipCode's Response SOAP Wrapper
Listing 15-7: FindZipCode's HTTP POST Request
Listing 15-8: FindZipCode's HTTP POST Response
Listing 15-9: HTML to Consume the FindZipCode Web Service
Listing 15-10: A Console Web Services Client Application
Listing 15-11: Building the Authors DataSet Web Service
Listing 15-11: Updating the Authors Database Web Service
Listing 15-12: Web Server Version of the MaintAuthors Application

Chapter 16: Multithreaded Programming

Listing 16-1: Starting Two Simple Threads
Listing 16-2: Making a Thread Sleep
Listing 16-3: Aborting a Thread
Listing 16-4: Joining Threads
Listing 16-5: Sleeping/Interrupting and Suspending/Resuming a Thread
Listing 16-6: Using Thread Pools
Listing 16-7: Synchronizing Using the ThreadStatic Attribute
Listing 16-8: Using the Interlocked Class
Listing 16-9: Synchronizing Using the Monitor Class
Listing 16-10: Creating Subprocesses
Listing 16-11: Synchronizing Using the Mutex Class
Listing 16-12: Synchronizing Using the ReaderWriterLock Class

Chapter 17: Assembly Programming

Listing 17-1: Referencing the Class Members of the .NET Framework
Listing 17-2: Using Reflection to Change the Properties of a Label
Listing 17-3: Documentation Custom Attributes
Listing 17-4: Implementing the Description and History Attributes
Listing 17-5: Using Custom Attributes to Document Classes
Listing 17-6: A Shared Assembly That Knows Its Version
Listing 17-7: A standard AssemblyInfo.cpp File
Listing 17-8: Referencing a Shared Assembly
Listing 17-9: An Application Configuration File
Listing 17-10: Adding an Image to a .resources File
Listing 17-11: EmbeddedResources Display Function
Listing 17-12: Multicultural Dates
Listing 17-13: Very Simple Windows Form Code
Listing 17-14: Localizable Simple Application
Listing 17-15: Writing Out Four Colors from a Resource
Listing 17-16: Writing Out Four Colors from a Resource Multiculturally

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